How to Merge PDF Documents?

How to merge PDF?

When I wrote a post on how to split a PDF document the obvious question that came to my mind was ‘How to merge PDF documents?’

This post is on how to merge two or more PDF documents. There is a free service that enables you to merge or combine two or more PDF documents.

To merge PDF documents go to this website:

There are no registrations or downloads required; just follow these two steps for merging/combining PDF documents:

1.  Browse and select the PDF documents that you want to merge. If all of those documents are in the same folder you can select all of them using the Control Key.

2.  Once the documents are selected, click on the ‘Merge PDF’ button and the documents will get merged. You will get a dialog box with the message ‘Merge successful, press download to get the deliverable and then close to go back’ with 2 options – Close and Download. Click on Download and you get the merged PDF document.

There is a limitation of total size of the documents that you can merge at one time – 50 MB. Also, the merged documents are deleted if there is no activity for an hour. Besides these limitations, this is an excellent service.