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Career Growth

People form the core of Brickwork's business and employees are enabled to take complete ownership of their respective career path by setting up a career roadmap that is best suited to their talent and aspirations. Employees, in discussion with their respective managers, identify their career road map and utilize the manager's mentorship during their progress.

There are ample opportunities, challenges, learning and development sessions and individual development plans that drive an employee's career. You can evolve rapidly as you take on a steady stream of projects from across the globe. You can work on interesting assignments, lead project teams, advice clients and assume leadership roles within the team.


a. Success and Recognition

Prime consideration is given to employees since we believe that an organization as a whole can succeed only if its employees are involved in a tangible growth plan. This transformation view has established a performance-focused ecosystem that adheres to a two- pronged approach which advocates Success and Recognition for sustainable employee growth.


5 ways of experiencing success in Brickwork:

  • Choose a career growth path.
  • Focus on achieving your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Participate in learning and development programs. Practice the learnings at work.
  • Have an Individual Developmental Plan (IDP) in discussion with your manager and monitor your progress.
  • Focus on quality and stay productive.


5 ways of gaining recognition in Brickwork:

  • Get a good client feedback rating through quality work.
  • Be the best performer in the team. Win awards (quarterly/yearly) based on your performance.
  • Motivate yourself and others in your team to be peak performers.
  • Participate, Involve and Win in Sports and Cultural activities.
  • Contribute innovative ideas/suggestions through Eureka hub. These ideas can be in the area of business growth, employee engagement, process improvement or client engagement.


b. Knowledge Driven Culture

Brickwork believes that a knowledge driven learning environment nurtures talent and boosts capabilities that create value for our clients and give a competitive advantage to the organization.

We focus on developing smart people who foster an integrated view of the organizational needs and deliver solutions as per client expectations. Each Brickwork employee has a good mix of knowledge, skills, experience and competence and we believe in sharing those with other colleagues through multiple learning platforms.


5 ways on how a knowledge driven culture is enabled in Brickwork:

  • Clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Competency mapping and Individual Development Plans (IDPs).
  • Knowledge building through knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Knowledge Bank to leverage on internal knowledge and experience.
  • Professional development
    • Induction training: All new hires go through one month of intensive training on soft skills, MS office skills, customer service and other tools and technologies.
    • On-The-Job training: To maintain the delivery edge, REAsTM are provided with mentors to provide them with a non-evaluative way of learning under guidance.
    • Ongoing training: All employees across levels have the opportunity to attend sessions in soft skills, functional skills and technical skills through the annual calendar training programs. Refresher training programs and need-based trainings are conducted at regular intervals to bridge performance gaps.


c. Dual Career Path

In Brickwork, employees are fully enabled by their managers to take control of their respective career paths. This empowers the employee to set the foundation by navigating their career through continual improvement.

We offer a dual career path (operational track and technical track) to ensure that every employee gets an opportunity to grow. The operational track is apt for employees willing to develop their people management and leadership abilities. The technical track helps an employee in specializing in technical skills, project management and service delivery acumen, with opportunities to specialize in training and quality. There are 15 levels through which an employee can get promoted in his career, from a trainee (Level 1) to a Senior Manager (Level 15).


d. Rewards and Recognition

Brickwork’s HR team focuses on enabling a positive mind-set amongst employees and building a healthy relationship with the organization, by recognizing performance, talent and participation. This forms the key to unlocking productivity and transforming the employees’ organizational experience.

Rewards and Recognition snapshot:

  • Quarterly and Bi-Annual Awards.
  • Spot recognition for innovative ideas or for exceptional client testimonials.
  • Culture warrior award for consistently living the core values of the organization and being a role model for others.
  • Annual leadership and team awards.
  • Individual success celebrated with the entire organization. Congratulatory notes sent to employees for getting excellent client feedbacks and testimonials.
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