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Brickwork Foundation

Brickwork Foundation is a non-governmental organisation formed in 2007 and registered under the Societies Registration Act 1960. The main objective of this Trust is to act as the CSR partner of Brickwork India.

Brickwork Foundation is mainly focused on

  • Skill development for increasing the employability of the underprivileged women and physically disabled youth. 
  • Leveraging on all the government programmes and initiatives to ensure that the underprivileged benefit from them. 
  • To identify and build self-employment opportunities in home industries and services. 
  • To encourage locals in volunteering activities and charity for the community
  • To enhance the employability of educated youth through soft skills and communication skills training programmes



CSR Beutician training Tailoring CSR


“SHE Can” is a livelihood programme, where Brickwork gives free skills training to the under privileged, needy but talented women to acquire skills that will help them become self-employed entrepreneurs or get jobs to ensure income and their livelihood. 

100% of the people who have completed their training have got jobs or have started their own home business. We also help them in getting finances through micro financing and enable the self-help group scheme to ensure continuing support.

Our training programmes are of 1 to 6 months’ duration and include:

Tally Tailoring  Computer
Hardware Beautician Servicing of mobiles
Retail customer service Secretarial practices Catering and hospitality
Data Entry Operators Desktop Publishing Fruits & veg. preservation



Employability trainingEmployability training










“YOU Can” is an initiative to increase the employability of the educated youth. Today the industry captains have expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of fresher graduates and the growing gap between academia and industry requirements. Though jobs are available in cities, and many aspiring youngsters travel from far to get education and jobs in the cities, companies have to invest a lot of time and resources in training them to make them job ready. Brickwork Foundation conducts employability training for such college going students and recent college graduates.

The main focus of the Employability training is written and verbal communication, soft skills and MS Office suite.



Shalemane School CSR Kids Activities


We are associated with Reef watch in an effort to protect the ocean and the life within it through education. The objective is to create a generation of ocean-minded islanders and give them ecologically and economically sustainable livelihood options.

Shalemane Government School, in Bhatkal taluka, Karnataka, has around 200 students from class 1 to 7. There were very few teachers, often shared between classes and the enrolment was decreasing due to better schools in nearby villages. BPF adopted this school with the intention of improving the quality of education and making it the first choice for the village students.

We provided additional teachers resources to the school for teaching computers, science, English and social studies. This not only improved the quality of teaching and better student grades, but also gave employment to the local qualified teachers.

We also converted an unused storeroom into a computer lab for imparting computer education to students and teachers. The computer lab is also used to teach short certificate courses to the village adults during the school’s vacation.

Environmental Education

We have sponsored 45 young children in the Andaman Islands, for a one year programme where they are educated on the importance of the ocean, and ways to preserve the environment through meaningful and fun activities, communication skills, creativity and community action.


Community Outreach

Nepal Earth Quake reliefChennai flood relief


We are committed to investing in the communities we serve. Brickwork Foundation mobilises volunteer support for community outreach programmes whether it is to for environment, or for disaster relief. We regularly conduct collection drives, to collect clothes, toys, books, blankets etc. for the poor and needy.


Women can achieve anything with determination, Sangeeta Kulkarni, Co-Founder & CEO, Brickwork India



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