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Media Allsec To Arm Itself With B2K Tech Support


Financial Express - December 12, 2005


Media Allsec Tech Acquires B2K Corp


Business Standard - December 12, 2005


Media Allsec Buys B2K


The Hindu, Business Line - December 12, 2005


Media Chennai Based Allsec Acquires B2K


Business Times - December 13, 2005


  “The first company I approached, BRICKWORK, originally launched as a service for banks and other financial institutions. Vivek Kulkarni, its Chairman and Chief Executive, previously worked in the government and helped to attract many multinational businesses to Bangalore. For as little as $1,500 (£820) a month, he tells me, I can have a full-time graduate assistant at my disposal for 40 hours a week.”


Excerpt from the article by John-Paul Flintoff in the September 4, 2005 issue of the Times, London


  Outsourcing Your Life - BPO Work Can Be Exciting, Stimulating And Enjoyable
Writing on the Wall / Ashok V. Desai
I spent some weeks in Bangalore – not so much in a polluted, frenetic, overcrowded urban desert as in that verdant oasis of intellect, the Indian Institute of Science. I avoided venturing too often out of IISc. But I did go out to look for Vivek Kulkarni.


The Telegraph - Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Media Media
The Best Talent Of The World Is In Bangalore


Times Of India - October 29, 2005


Media How TO Outsource


The Sunday Times - September 4, 2005


  Hollywood To Script Outsourcing Saga
… Jacobs' aides in this outsourcing saga were Honey K.Balani of the firm Brickworks, who handled his professional needs such as fixing appointments and researching for his articles, and Asha of Your Man in India (YMII), who handled personal tasks…


The Economic Times - August 19, 2005


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