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Media Synergy Newsletter Of Bangalore


Chamber of Industry

Media Synergy Newsletter Of Bangalore


Chamber Of Industry - Aug-Sep 2009

Media Outsourcing Your Life


Let your Remote Secreatry take the Strain

We have more orders than we can take on, so we have to grow fast. Eventually all five floors will be occupied, and we'll be able to service the needs of our clients better," said CEO Vivek Kulkarni, a soft-spoken Wharton graduate, who returned to India in the early 90s and worked for the government before starting his own business.

"We essentially 'outsource' most of our personal needs to our maids, drivers, etcetera. Most Americans however, don't have this luxury. We figured that if we could provide such services to them at a reasonable cost, they'd jump at the opportunity."

The Week August 2009

Media We & Budget - Two cheers and one big boo


DNA - July 2009

Media It’s Time To Do Away With British Systems


If a strict warning is issued,the bureaucrats will take it seriously and work accordingly. But all depends on the follow up actions.

DNA June 11, 2009

Media Help Improve her Hospital Experience


Prajavani - June 18, 2009

Media Help Improve Her Hospital Experience


Deccan Herald - June 21, 2009

Media Is China More IT Ready Than India


Business Standard - April 1, 2009

Media Book On Economics Released


DNA City - March 5, 2009

Media Indian Economic Super Power Release


KannadaPrabha - March 5, 2009

Media Indian Economy Is Resilient


Times of India - March 5, 2009

Media Sebi May Have Its Way On Load Structure


DNA Money Corporate - March 16, 2009

Media You Have To Vote If You Want To Make A Difference


Vivek Kulkarni, a former IAS officer and Managing Director of Brickwork India, tells DNA readers why it is imperative to vote.

DNA March 16, 2009

Media Layoffs In IT Needed


March 17, 2009

Media Layoffs Necessary: Vivek Kulkarni


Some companies are forcing managers to give lower grades to their staff.

Deccan Herald March 18 2009

Media We Need New Leadership


DNA City News - February 1 2009

Media Lessons From Recession


The Week The Wallet News January 18 2009

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