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Brickwork India provides business support solutions for administrative tasks like managing your MS Outlook and MS Office. We also provide sales support, basic internet research, management of social networking sites, creating blogs, and e-newsletters.

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Jeremy Reither, President Reither Consulting

"I have been fortunate with my Brickwork Virtual Assistant. Brickwork is the only Virtual Assistant firm where the first Virtual Assistant I was assigned is the one I still work with today (with other firms I’ve worked with I’ve had to ask for replacements). The tasks I have had my Brickwork Virtual Assistant work on have been a little more technical in nature, compared to the ‘Basic Services’ tasks listed above. The majority of the work she does involves editing website content via a Joomla Content Management System (CMS) and Word press blog backend. It’s basically just point-and-click kinds of tasks, with occasional web research and basic HTML editing involved (by contrast, Get Friday just told me straight up that their virtual assistant could not perform these types of tasks)."


Kristin Redmond, Owner Applied Education LLC Industry

"We have hired and fired a few administrative assistants whom have not been able to keep up with the demands of a small business. Finally, we heard about Brickwork through reading the 4 Hour Work Week. I can’t rave more about their services and professionalism. Every night, I fax or email over new contact entries. As an educational company, our success is built on our contact management system and staying in touch with our clients who have attended our courses. It’s vital to our success and thankfully we found Brickwork who can take care of this very time consuming, but essential task!

Many thanks to you for your services and professionalism!"

Nazar Brizinov, CEO Round Sky, Inc – A Search Engine Marking Company

"It has been a pleasure working with Brickwork. I have tried a different “Everyday” outsourcing company previously and was seriously disappointed. My REA at that company barely understood English and was simply incompetent even though he had a Masters degree.

Brickwork is completely different. Both my REAs have a strong competency of English and are both very web savvy. With little training on my end my Brickwork REA now handles almost all of my Customer Support issues. From responding to emails to listening to voicemails to answering customer support tickets. I am very pleased with my Brickwork REA and will be a customer for a long time."

Michael Held, President, Flex Marketing Group

"In this business, there is no shortage of companies trumpeting their expertise and promising that their services are capable of maximizing efficiency. But in practice, few are able to deliver on these promises. From the moment we began working with Brickwork, it became clear that we were working with seasoned pros. I'm not only impressed by the high level of service provided, but also by their focus and attention to detail."

Mario Costa-Sa, Director, Expertel Ltd.

"My current REA is a recent replacement and she has comfortably exceeded all areas of her predecessor’s output. In particular I would like to note;

Timeliness/ prompt working: She has turned around tasks overnight without exception.

Capabilities: She has effected marketing data retrieval to a high standard enabling swift creation of Go To Market plans. On regional basis these have covered Russia CIS and Middle Eastern territories and a technology basis the emergent trends in telecoms products including In Flight phones.

Productivity & Reporting: The hours spent on each task have been very reasonable and occasionally less than I have expected. There has been a good level of reporting of time spent delivered unsolicited at regular intervals & always available on request.

Flexibility: I have asked a range of tasks to be completed by her, none of which has been rejected. On some more advanced IT tasks, she has enlisted the help of her colleagues to get work completed.

In summary, she has exceeded my expectations with and I look forward to continuing her services in the future.

Brickworks: Although the contract negotiation was a little slow & painful, I persevered due the quality of the recommendations from clients. I have not been disappointed with the service delivered which has now come to be part of my indespensable routine. Work progresses whilst I sleep with high quality deliverables received next day. Projects long neglected have been rejuvenated and productivity has increased. When problems have occurred there has been back up and resilience to help achieve the task. I look forward to extending my relationship of services from Brickworks into other high value areas including Web Design in the forthcoming months."

Sara Waller, Managing Director, Sara Waller Consulting

Simply the best communicator, Simply the best at thinking outside the box, Simply the best at resourcefulness, Simply the best at understanding a client brief, Simply the best at client deliverables, Simply the best at output measurable & results, Simply the best at reporting functionality, Simply the best at ad hoc tasks on-the-fly!, Simply the best at team building and mentoring other REAs on the brief, Simply the best at working all hours, Simply the best at being efficient and expedient, Simply the best at being honest and reliable, Simply the best in task execution, Simply the best at 'showing up' every day, in every way., Simply the best at 'just getting it done'.

"MY REA, is simply the best !"

Devan Sabaratnam, Managing Director, Blaze Business Software Pty Ltd.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank my REA and the Brickwork team for an outstanding job on this project. I have been VERY happy with what you have achieved, and have no hesitation in using your services again. In fact, I have referred your company onto another college of mine here last week, so hopefully she will contact you with some work."

Neil Palache, Founder and CEO, The Wealth Creator Company

"Having read both ‘The World is Flat’ and ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ it was clear to me that there were choices available to me regarding assistants that I had not previously considered. One of these choices was Brickwork, a company located in Bangalore, India. Over the past twenty-five years, I have always gone the traditional route, having had one of more personal, full-time assistants. In 2008, this changed.

I hired Brickwork and could not possibly be more pleased. My assigned assistant was an absolute delight. Apart from being perfectly capable of handling my assignments, she was also always extremely polite and respectful. We communicated via Skype by voice or instant message and regular e-mail. Her questions were concise and to the point. My questions and projects were handled quickly and professionally. For me, the time difference was a great advantage. We spoke at the end of my business day. It was the beginning of hers. I slept, while my assistant worked. When I awoke the next morning, an e-mail was waiting in my in-box with the work that had been completed. Excellent!"

Paul Higgins, Core Consultant, Emergent Futures

"My REA has proved to be extremely valuable for our business. Her responsiveness, attention to detail and willingness to meet deadlines and assist us wherever she can have been exceptional. Using Brickwork also gives us access to people with other skills that my REA has utilized to carry out work for us, removing any requirement for us to manage multiple contacts."

President, A Real Estate/Property Management Group

"Thank you very much for all of your hard work! The result is useful for me in my business and I will use it to continue to grow the company. Communication is excellent – you asked questions when you did not understand until you understood. Great availability - you were available every workday by email and Skype.Those of you that I interacted with are all polite and professional. Daily reporting is very important to efficient work – I appreciated that because I knew that the most time that coud possibly be spent going in a direction that I did not intend was one day. I would recommend your services to my friends."

Walt Dallas, Esq. J.D., LL.M. (taxation), T. Walton Dallas, P.A. Attorneys at Law

"We appreciate the REAs efforts.

She does well in trying to understand each assignment and notifying us of times when additional information is needed or if further instruction should be given - all while maintaining a friendly demeanor. During the last month, its evidenced by her work that she is continuing to learn our procedures and becoming better at using our systems. Our hope to continue to have her learn our procedures and systems to the point where she is able to recommend better ways to accomplish tasks and amend our procedures in areas that may be lacking.

Additionally, our REA did a good job on a recent project and we liked how she asked questions as to points we had failed to address. Sometimes we are not as clear as we need to be, but we like responding such questions as such questions show interest and initiative.

We continue to be excited to have her assisting us and to seeing what more she can offer us. Thanks."

Dan Noyes, President, Zephoria

"My REA is an asset to anyone she works with." Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Shane C. Yarbrough, Director of operations, IT Works, Inc.

"Use of QuickBooks Understanding of US accounting and tax system Understanding of needs of small business accounting Reacting to requests for work."

David Alcorn, Principal, Pacific Capital Advisors.

"Brickwork accounting team is an excellent technician, and was patient with my inexperience on Skype and Outlook. The reconciliation is a huge load off my mind and we are looking forward to an ongoing relationship with him and Brickwork. The daily updates and work summary were very valuable. We have great confidence in Brickwork."

Gabriel Bucataru (Gabriel), Gabriel Sound Garage.

"Fantastic expertise. I needed work done in my book keeping (QuickBooks), and analyst proves to be more than I expectd! He was very professional, on the top of things, he actually, had me get my act together when I was forgetting to leave my machine online. I ran out of my credit hours and I already purchased another batch since I am convinced that I cannot find such a top service, and accounting expertise anywhere else. All this makes my life so much easier. I am actually thinking of sending more tasks. Thank you, Brickworks India!"

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