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We provide software development, maintenance, Re-engineering, and Product co-development services to clients across the globe. We have extensive experience in the technology across a wide range of disciplines, solutions, platforms and languages.

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Alan Dowzall, Pace INC

"To provide you with some feedback with regard to your work for us over the past few months: the work from my standpoint has gone very well. The team’s ability to mould yourselves to our way of working to meet us at the point of our changing and developing business needs has been well received by me our team. We are looking forwards to continuing in the same way as we start to work together on projects for our customers, most notably Microsoft. I thank you for all the hard work and for the patience that you all have had at times in waiting for us to be ready with some of our deliverables. It’s been a great Q1. Keep it up."

Founder of a boutique consulting firm in the United States

Brickwork has been developing an online reporting database for us. The project is complex in that we need to integrate disparate product usage data from eleven of my clients across the United States into an integrated database that customers can access via our web site.

Your development team has been able to receive our requirements, in both verbal and written form, and translate these requirements quickly and efficiently into functional code on the website, based on the .NET platform. The process of understanding software requirements, which is abstract in nature and often difficult to define, can easily result in frequent miscommunication. However, miscommunication has never been an issue in the process of working with your team. The analysts are very bright, energetic, intuitive and bring all of these qualities to our project. They listen carefully and also add value to the process of refining our requirements by asking clarifying questions and by pointing out options we may not have considered. They also communicate frequently and consistently throughout the development process, sending e-mails when they need clarification and informing us when they need us to review changes. This constant and frequent communication has allowed us to answer each others questions, reduce ambiguity and keep the project moving forward through a series of small checkpoints along the way.

I am very pleased with this relationship, and I intend to send more projects their way.

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