Now, write a speech for US senators

New Delhi: After online banking, back office work, tuition and secretarial jobs, the latest services US is outsourcing from India is speech writing for its senators.

Oregon Senator Frank Morse, a Republican, recently outsourced a speech on "The Impact of Globalisation on Oregon Economy" from an outsourcing provider in Bangalore.

“Our governor has stated that Oregon will not outsource. Is this good policy or bad?” Senator Morse raved to a gathering in a speech that was reportedly outsourced from Brickwork India, Bangalore.

The Senator apparently learnt of the company, Brickwork India, from Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat , which is considered the bible on outsourcing,

“When asked to give a speech on globalisation I sent an email (to Brickwork) one evening and received a response the next morning,” Mumbai-based DNA newspaper quoted Morse as saying. “The speech was a great example of how small the world is,” Morse said. “The audience loved it when I explained that a firm in Bangalore helped me prepare (the speech).”

Brickwork's head Vivek Kulkarni, who was Karnataka’s former IT secretary, says: “We did it in two weeks and the speech was delivered word for word.”

“It wasn’t easy,” speech-writer Makarand Malu told the newspaper. “We studied his earlier speeches and tailor-made this to suit his style.”

This new trend of speech-outsourcing comes in the wake of the news that some American and European Churches have started outsourcing services to parishes in Kerala.

Apart from the traditional areas of outsourcing – like banking, technical support and online marketing – Indian service providers have increasingly made their presence felt in various non-traditional areas like secretarial support for CEOs, online tuition for students in UK, US; movie, opera, restaurant bookings in US and UK; legal consultancy and even prayer services. - November 13, 2006