You have to vote if you want to make a difference

As told to Bhargavi Kerur

We should vote to make a difference to the governance, rather than complain about it as you are the one who have elected your rulers.

Most youngsters are even lazy to register their names in the voters' list. This laziness stems out of the pampering by their over-protective parents.

Today the youngsters are leading an easy life. Waiting in a queue for voting is too big a burden for them and so they opt out from casting their vote.

Many feel that their vote has no value in today's democratic set-up which is polluted by corruption. Some of them want to contribute their bit to the development of the country but are disheartened by the sterile leadership, inadequate infrastructure, rising crime rate and poverty. But they should understand that to make a difference, it is them who should act. They must choose candidates who can make their dreams come true and can make a better India.

In India voting is a tedious task. We have to make a choice from candidates belonging to more than two parties, and to make the scenario worst there are a number of so called independent candidates. The presidential system of government makes it easier to choose between the candidates through a direct election.

First of all the voter should consider the party that the candidate represents. Check for the ideology, past performance, its policies etc. After that, try to collect all the available information about the candidate, his/her past performance, if she/ he got any criminal background or she/ he is capable of representing a constituency.

The youth should vote for a change. India is a developing nation with millions of people living on less than a dollar a day. It is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The maternal and infant mortality rates of some states are equal to that of some African nations.

If voters don't vote for an efficient and transparent leadership today, the situation won't change.

Take pains at least one day for a better nation. Have the ID card ready. It's better to go to the polling station in the early morning when the queues are smaller. Vote to bring a change.

DNA - March 16, 2009