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Our Research Services vertical has provided a range of integrated services to more than 3200+ clients cutting across industries and countries. Our clients range from blue-chip Fortune 500 companies, SMB’s and fast-growing start-ups to innovative entrepreneurs and busy CXOs. We have delivered over 3200+ research reports covering 88 countries and 40 industries. See our knowledge infrastructure for more details.

We provide a range of research solutions, to diversify your business, reach out to your customers, plan your online & social Media Strategy, present your business idea to attract investors, improve your supply chain management, enter into thriving Indian market and more…

Functional Expertise:

To understand the market and customer dynamics at every stage of your business…

To assist you in value investing, raising funds, M&A, assessing credit worthiness…

To develop a competitive global supply chain strategy to benefit from low cost suppliers…

To provide end to end consulting for businesses that want to leverage the thriving Indian market…

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A US based Real Estate Firm

The strengths of Brickwork are quick turnaround, responsiveness, high quality, personable and highly supportive. We look to work with Brickwork for undertaking new ways of analyzing our data for the benefit of our clients.

The client has over 17 years of experience of offering strategic, marketing and advertising issues advice to some of the biggest companies in the world. He also was the director and partner for communications agencies for over 8 years.

"We have had a great experience working with Brickwork. As a small organization in a remote location it has been a tremendous benefit to have so much help with the heavy lifting!"

Manager, Client Relations of a leading wind energy development company.

The report was very helpful for my meeting and I am positive of getting the worldwide sales & marketing contract and product development contract. I am sure our company will be using your talents and experience in this area again many times over.

Managing Director/ Chairman of contract manufacturing company based in Hong Kong, China.

I thought the work was great. I appreciate that the extra time needed to complete the job was not billed to me. The results were very good, with about 50% of the identified email address turning out correctly. The entire project with Brickwork was very productive for our business and I will not hesitate to utilize your organization again in the future.

Founder of an organization that creates awareness of patient safety issues in the United States.

We could not be more pleased with your work. The analyst is extremely hard working and professional. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely satisfactory, I give your analyst a 10.

Founder and Managing Partner of a premier marketing consulting company based in the United States.

The analysts have been very accommodating and responsive to requests and suggestions. They have done a very good job on the credit analyst reports and have sough clarification when needed/ required. The finished product has been well received. The working capital analysis was consistent with expectations on the specific quantitative analyses that could be developed from information available on the company websites or other electronic information.

Credit Manager of the worldwide leader in smart communications and aviation electronics solutions based in the United States.

Brickwork’s analyst’s listen well, work hard, possess great customer service skills and are a pleasure to work with. They are great representatives of your firm.

Senator Frank Morse, Oregon State Legislature

"When asked to give a speech on "globalization" I remembered a reference to Brickwork in Thomas Friedman's book The World is Flat. I sent an email on a Sunday evening inquiring about assistance, received a response the next morning, and made arrangements for Brickwork to help me. The speech was warmly received by my audience and was a great example of just how small the world really is. My audience loved it when I explained that a firm in Bangalore, India helped me prepare a speech on globalization!"

Athina Anargyrou, Comercial Director – PaP Extended Marketing Solutions, São Paulo – SP Brazil

When we realized we needed experts to research and analyze our specific projects we thought about Brickwork in India, since we had heard and read the best references about their work and commitment.

So I sent a request e-mail and the response came within minutes!

My lead contacts, Ashok Joshi and Mohan Mullagiri were in constant contact with me, absorbing all the details that were fundamental for a successful outcome.Their frequent and consistent communication throughout the development process, sending e-mails when they needed clarification and informing us when they needed us to review changes, allowed us to answer each others questions, reducing ambiguity and keeping the project moving forward through a series of milestones along the way.

Hard working and efficient, the team was within our scheduled time. They added value to the process of refining our requirements by asking clarifying questions and by pointing out options.

However, what really surprised me was their straightforwardness in giving us feedback about subjects that they didn’t have complete access to, how they would overcome these difficulties and if it would really be possible to have access to all the information required in our research. This quality (which unfortunately lacks in many companies today) is what gave us the security that we were working with real professionals.

We have a number of projects and researches that are “in line” waiting to be sent to the Brickwork team. I can say without hesitation that I would recommend Brickwork to anyone looking for a high quality service company in India.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Brickwork team and I am positive that it is only the beginning of a long lasting relationship.

Vice President, International Marketing

“When I first wrote my briefing on such a wide-scope yet detailed research, I felt myself that I was requesting the impossible or close to it. Maybe as it was something born my own mind I could have done it myself – provided that I had not been busy managing marketing operations in 40 countries and provided that I had at least a full month of totally free time ahead and provided that my deadline was one month ahead of me as well (it was actually around two weeks for first delivery at that time.) I took a risk (that’s how I felt then) and decided to ask Brickwork, a company I think I vaguely heard about once but never tested, being ready to lower my expectations if they happened to have a better sense of reality than I had on one hand, and on the other hand anticipating to fail on my objective if they did not deliver in the end. But actually they said “okay no problem don’t worry”… and it all started; from the first drafted proposition to the executive summary of hundreds of pages produced I must say that I was amazed with the depth and relevancy of Brickwork’s delivery, the pace at which they did it and the way they identified themselves with the job. Is there a single piece of information left, which is publicly available somewhere on the planet and which they have not sourced and considered for my report? I doubt it. And last but not least, it is obvious that they are as concerned with your own success as you are.”

Thank you for everything all of you guys at Brickwork, and talk to you soon for new adventures I hope!

Seibo Shen, E2open

For two years we have considered Brickwork to be a valuable business partner to our sales and marketing team. The company profiles they deliver have an emphasis on supply chain and IT infrastructure and allow E2open to better qualify and understand our prospects business problems and requirements. We are consistently satisfied with the high quality of work they produce and it has truly been a pleasure working with Brickwork.

We look forward to continuing our partnership.

Director & Owner of a UK consulting company

I have worked with the Brickwork team on 2-3 projects including a business plan, market research, presentation and various models including valuation, financing, cash-flow etc. I usually email the Brickwork analyst some ideas or questions during the day and invariably I have a response the following morning European time. The analyst is extremely hard working and efficient and always in good spirits despite all the pressure from me and others and endless last minute requests and short deadline.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Brickwork team and I am convinced that it is only the beginning of a long lasting relationship.

Senior Vice President of one of the world’s largest financial institutions headquartered in western USA.

Brickwork’s project management and communication process is excellent. The quality of research was very good and the research report was comprehensive. Responses were fairly quick and candid. Professional attitude and recommendations to our questions exceeded the expectations.

Over all my experience with Brickwork is pleasant and hope to develop strategic relationship to deliver an exceptional value to our clients in the US market.

This project was for a leading online university in the United States, carried out through a consultant who has previously held senior management positions at various companies for over 20 years. He is an alumnus of MIT Sloan and IIT-Madras.

I want to thank you for not only your great work, but also your wonderful attitude. The finished product is everything we had hoped, and the experience of working with you exceeded our expectations. We would be more that willing to use us for ensuing projects.

David Bussa, Business Consultant

"I had a new business idea, but given my schedule I simply did not have the time to investigate it properly. After doing some research, I decided to give Brickwork a chance to scope the opportunity for me. In return, I received a detailed report that addresses my key concerns, clarifies my assumptions and gives me the confidence to move to the next step with my idea. Along the way Brickwork and I had a series of touch points and reviews to be sure we stayed on track and to be sure they were meeting my expectations. I will use Brickwork again in the near future and highly recommend their services to anyone who is crunched for time but still wanting to investigate their next big idea!”

Chris Allison, Chief Operating Officer, Nexcom Consulting Group

“We really appreciate the effort you put in with us. Everyone was to the point and very professional, but my research analyst especially stood out. Our project turned out to be much more difficult than originally expected. She was a great help working with our financials which had some discrepancies. She was quick to point out problems and offer solutions to keep our project time line. The communication was a concern for us at the onset, but she did a good job of emailing and communicating by phone when needed. The final product corresponded with the expectations set out at onset and the quality of work was excellent. I would refer and have already your services again.”

Jerry R. Myers, Managing Director, Chimney Rock Capital Partners, LLC

“We have received outstanding service from Brickwork’s investment research team over a number of projects. Our clients always have tight deadlines and a high demand for quality and accuracy. Our Brickwork team lead takes care to ensure the requirements are met and we have never had any problems with the service provided. I highly recommend them to others considering this service.”

Michael Wedge, Business Consultant

"I have been very pleased with the quality, speed and accuracy of all the work completed by Brickwork and in particular I am very impressed with my analyst. With a minimum of direction she completes her projects in an outstanding manner always”

Nick Kovac, President & CEO, TargetCast, Inc.

"I enjoyed working with Brickwork over the past year. Brickwork's professional staff and responsiveness exceeded my expectations. Brickwork's comprehensive analysis of my company's financial status gave me great insight into my business and the essential data I needed to make management decisions. Thank you.”


I’ve used Brickwork for the last nine months for financial modeling. Outsourcing this work has freed me up to spend more time building my business. I look forward to working with Brickwork for a long time to come.

A. Donald Steinman, III Director, Technology Marketing and Transition Planning Systems, Inc.

“It gives me great pleasure in signing this testimonial to Brickwork India for the project their Healthcare Research Team did for Planning Systems Inc. We were interested in understanding the overall market for a physiology monitoring. The specific segments we wanted Brickwork to address included the market size, projections for each of these, competitors and competing products. With their excellent tracking and data-mining skills, Brickwork analysts sent us the report within the stipulated timeframe. It was a pleasure to associate with Brickwork’s Healthcare Team which has proven its professional approach beyond our expectations. The work done was excellent and we even extended the scope of the project.”

Medical Director

“My research analyst is incredibly efficient, takes initiative, is terrific at researching complex topics and ideas, is very professional in all her interactions, is very enthusiastic, clearly loves to learn and collaborate, and is very good at bringing things together into comprehensive documents.”

Healthcare Consultant

“Shows initiative, does good work, and is prompt”

Adam Mitchell,Owner, Mitchell Companies.

I am very happy with the progress of this project and with the options you have provided. You have done a great job and my company will benefit greatly from this project and from working with you. I have very much enjoyed working with you and your company. I am very confident that there will be other projects that will arise in my businesses that could require your assistance

Garrett Futrell, Industrial Threaded Products Inc.

Our organization was very pleased with the work that Brickwork provided for our company. All of our correspondences were timely, and everything that was promised was delivered and on time. The information presented in the scope of work was very accurate. If our organization needs any further work, we will not hesitate to send our inquiry to Brickwork.

Stephen Kelly,Owner, Start up business.

Very good job anticipating my needs, by also getting quotes for label printing and shipping. Final result impressive.

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