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Testimonials: REA Services


Our team has been working with Brickworks India for about 5 years. During that time, they've met and exceeded our expectations. Our VAs are pleasant, receptive, and efficient when it comes to the ongoing demands of running a boutique law firm. With their help, our office has been able to implement solutions to our administrative tasks which allows us to focus on the work we do for our clients. The support they provide is truly valuable, and we highly recommend working with Brickwork.

MM, Executive Director, and Paralegal
A U.S.-based Civil & Business Litigation Firm

Brickwork has been a trusted partner and has exceeded our expectations with the level of service and quality of work received. Our dedicated team has taken the time to understand the needs of our business and has taken creativity license with the direction provided. We highly recommend Brickwork and look forward to working with them in the future.

Jennifer Barkley
HR Operationalist at HR Fit, LLC.

The work that Brickwork India has done for our company has been great. The management staff at Brickwork has been very easy to work with and always available to fix any issues that arise, quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Brickwork for other company's outsourcing needs.

CEO of an Hospital & Healthcare Company

It's been great working with my VA at Brickwork, as she is knowledgeable, efficient and highly skilled. The nature of our project is complex requiring multi-tasking, coordination and tight timetables and I find that she is not only able to keep up but also to make helpful suggestions and help keep us on track. She is able to follow detailed instructions and complete tasks with minimal oversight and also to ask appropriate questions in unique cases or when the instructions are unclear. In general, she's been a great asset to our company and we are very pleased with her and the Brickwork team!

David Strait
President & Senior Consultant, Strait Consulting Services, Inc.

Brickwork Remote EA time over time has shown professionalism, desire to improve, and always get the work done as needed. She is an incredible asset to Brickwork and always goes the extra mile in improving areas that I do not always have time to focus on. We plan to work with her as long as we can as she has made my life easier with my work by always being on top of things.

Austin Hillis
Co-Owner, Capital Cigar Lounge

My virtual assistant has been a huge help in automating regular tasks. They can help task, project or research I need. They are great at following instructions, following up, and completing the task to the set parameter.

Jon Norman
CEO and Co-Founder, Funk Brewing

Brickwork has been a valuable partner in optimizing my business and realizing efficiencies in both administrative and logistical processes.

Their team have time and again proven themselves to be professional, respectful, and strategically adaptable to workflow needs.

I highly recommend their services to elevate your operations to the next level.


My experience with Brickwork was nothing short of professional. As someone based in the United States, I had some general concerns regarding timezones, communication, etc. Brickwork took complete control by suggesting systems and adopting to my workflow as needed. My relationship with Brickwork lasted about 9 months initially, during COVID-19, and I will definitely engage them again.

The best way to utilize Brickwork India is by taking a look at your work, becoming good at documentation and "scoping" and to touch base with your Virtual Assistant every day. This keeps continuity, and helps develop a workflow faster.

Spending 30 minutes every day communicating worked for me, but proper documentation would allow for async work too. In 9 months, I built my business, and landed a full-time contract. This happened largely because I had support to focus on this client, while my VA took care of smaller tasks required to retain my other income streams

If you're feeling stressed out, take a step back, figure out what you can delegate, and begin to provide proper documentation - like you're leaving yourself notes. Invite your VA onto calls with you, and recap with them quickly after meetings. Off-board the work so you can get back to the stuff you care about - it will get easier!

Anthony McTaggart, Anthony Joseph Consulting
We focus on Business Systems implementation and Operational Excellence for medium-sized companies.

From start to finish, my first month with Brickwork and my new virtual EA was an A+ experience. Although the nature of the work I sought assistance with was relatively simple, I felt that every request, big or small, was dealt with by a very professional, competent and reliable team. On the front and back end, I was able to have quick and efficient discussions with a dedicated Account Manager to confirm the subscription and then renewal model that made the most sense for my needs. The Work Order was straightforward, the payment method was simple and everything worked out as planned. The work itself could not have been better! My EA executed tasks exactly as I wanted and asked the right questions to clarify my preference when I had neglected pertinent details. This is highly appreciated and valuable because instead of wasting hours doing something that might need to be edited later, she understood my goal and checked in first to ensure she could execute the result I wanted. The quality and speed of her work was fantastic, and chatting on skype or having quick calls to review a request were a pleasure because she is a great communicator, listens well and was overall and absolute pleasure to work with. I started this as an experiment to see if it would be worth offloading some of the administrative work that piles up in both my work and home life, but I'm so happy with the results I intend to maintain a monthly subscription indefinitely as I am able to get SO much more done now, and spend more time with family. I highly recommend Brickwork to anyone that wants to get stuff done but finds an ever growing list of business and personal tasks to complete without enough bandwidth to do on their own. I'm very excited to see the results I can achieve moving forward. Thank you Brickwork!

Canada based Trading Consultant

SONCO started using Brickworks about two years ago and it has turned out to be a very successful relationship. We now rely on Brickworks team members, who we really see as our own employees and integral parts of our teams, to support us in a broad range of activities from executive support to finance and accounting and market research. We expect to continue to grow with Brickworks as they offer access to high quality, skilled people at affordable prices giving us a high level of functionality that we would not necessarily be able to afford locally. Brickworks makes the talent pool in India available to businesses of all sizes all over the world. Together with technology Brickworks helps make the world truly flat! We highly recommend their services.

Stephen H Greer
Owner, SONCO Worldwide, USA

It has been a pleasure to work with my VA and the supporting team. They have been incredibly helpful, efficient, and thorough. All deliverables have been met promptly. Communication is seamless. Very knowledgeable about a wide variety of business needs. Truly, my money was so well invested with Brickwork. I cannot wait to scale further, and work with my VA on additional projects. He and team have done amazing work for my business. I am deeply thankful.

Nelson E. Toriano
Owner, Coach Nelly Toriano, LLC

We will soon celebrate our 1st year business cooperation. I have been looking for the kind of quality service my assistant offers me for so many years; my only regret is to not have met Brickwork earlier. Thank you for your concern in always offering the best quality service.

Isabelle Deshaies
Agent de marques, Trademark Agent

My virtual assistant has been a huge asset to my business. Her ability to work independently, think of solutions for my problems, and her consistent hard work has made me a true fan of Brickwork. In addition to her good work, she is polite and patient when we are working on problem solving. I see her being an important part of my business moving forward.

Cindy, PRN365

Timely, accurate, and professional - three words that best describe Brickwork India. We found out about Brickwork India in Tim Ferriss' book "The 4-Hour Workweek," about two years ago. After some research, we have decided to use their bookkeeping services for our law firm. We are still very happy with our decision. It's always a pleasure to work with Brickwork India as they understand our business and are very prompt. Their constant thoroughness, attention to details, and ability to surpass expectations make us appreciate our collaboration even more. Thank you for all your support and professional services!

A U.S.-based Immigration Law Firm

I'm grateful for the work my VA and his team at Brickwork have done for my business over the last 6 years. It's a privilege to work with such a responsive, competent team, who always brings a positive, can-do attitude -- no matter what I throw at them. Thank you.

Lindsay Pedersen
Brand Strategist & Owner, IRONCLAD BRAND STRATEGY

My Brickwork VA, took work off my plate that I loathed doing each week. She was more polite than anyone that works with or under me and I felt like there was almost nothing she couldn't do. If you have any say in who you pick as a VA at Brickwork, she should be on you short list, hands down. Thanks to her for one of the easiest quarters at work IN YEARS.

US based Entrepreneur

I have used the services of Brickwork for over five years and I do not consider them an outside vendor, I consider them a part of our team. They are always responsive and always follow-through with their objectives. Their work is always thorough and are extremely reliable. I look forward to partnering with Brickwork for many years to come.

Jeff Ames
President, Bluegrass Barrels and Gifts
Allard Schipper

Brickwork has supported the Omnical sales team for the last for 4 years. As our business grew, Brickwork adapted and created a team of assistants that is always there for us. Our team members are a pleasure to work with and work efficiently. They are an important factor in Omnical getting consistent good reviews in pre and post sales customer surveys. Brickwork takes care of the hiring, training and management of the team which has saved us a lot of time. Time, that we could spend on time with customers and growing our business. Brickwork has been crucial in scaling our business and will continue to play a vital role in our growth. When starting and growing a business, consider Brickwork as a partner.

Allard Schipper - Founder -
Omnical gives you access to one of the largest online assortment of electrical supplies. Our offering ranges from switches and lighting to industrial automation and cables. We represent 185 well-known and reputable electrical supply manufacturers.

"My REA has been really on top of stuff, I will potentially assign you some of the bigger projects that I was planning on giving brickwork, keep up the good work."

Joseph Joy, Associate, Black-Stratton Group
Privileged to be one of the largest practices in the GTA, managing more than $780 million in client assets, and we focus on providing wealth management solutions to successful business owners, philanthropists, senior bankers, senior executives and affluent families in the GTA.

"Our organization has been capitalizing on the flexible resource model that Brickworks offers for over three years now, and they've been a vital partner in growing our business. They've enabled us to compete with much larger competitors that employ dedicated divisions for research or back-office functions in a far more cost-effective manner. As a US-based company, utilizing Brickworks offshore services also enables us to operate 24 hours a day, delivering value to our clients faster and more efficiently. Brickworks will undoubtably play a role in our growth strategy for the foreseeable future."

Daniel J. Stephens
Vice President, Operations , Boca Bio LLC

"I have been extremely happy with my Brickwork experience. My REA is extremely responsive and turns projects around very quickly. I have found it easy to describe requests / tasks and that the REA is able to pick things up quickly, while also not afraid to ask questions or clarifications. I have also been very happy with the diversity of tasks I am able to assign, including basic graphics, WordPress, database entry, spreadsheet work, and research. I highly recommend Brickwork to anybody looking for a flexible way to add some help to their growing business."

Joe Snider,
Owner, Joe Snider Consulting

"I have been using the services of Brickwork for over a year, after being inspired by the book "the 4-hour work week - Tim Ferris". It was a leap of faith to allow myself to outsource and delegate things that I would normally do myself. And to allow access to my email inbox and certain admin files. I requested a "slow-going" start, to give myself a few months for the learning curve in working with remote assistance. In all of this, Brickwork has been simply great. They have demonstrated integrity and care in dealing with my files and emails, with a high level of security that has put my mind at rest. They have also allowed me the time and space to "find my feet" in the process, going slowly with how much I am releasing into their capable hands. At the moment, my very efficient REA is taking care of all my inboxes, filing invoices, and contributing to keeping my book-keeping up to date. She has been consistently alert, pleasant to work with, quick to learn, taking initiative to inform me when she finds something that I might overlook. She has allowed me to train her through a number of sessions via teamviewer, learning quickly, asking intelligent questions and applying herself almost immediately to the layers I introduce within my admin system. Having her routinely check my inbox has been a relief in so many ways, as my tendency is to do a sporadic peep into my email every so often. I am in the foundational phase of creating a new business, so having this background support has become a great asset. I am looking forward to a continuing relationship with Brickwork, as things evolve with the business. My REA has already set a high standard. I am eager to engage with the other, specialised divisions very soon, to see how they handle their tasks. My allocated management team has checked in with me at least monthly, providing valuable opportunity for me to update them on my thoughts and potential areas where they could assist in the future. All in all, this "leap of faith" has proved to be well worth it, and is fast becoming an important component in my personal and business strategy going forward. Thank you Brickwork Team!"

Dr J Govindasamy, MBChB,
Founder, Director - Quantum Radiance Pty Ltd, South Africa

"Brickwork REA was great to work with! Very attentive to my needs and provided frequent and relevant updates. Thanks to her and Brickwork recruiting and finding candidates was very simple and easy! Thank you!"

Luke Zemanek,
Owner, Zemanek International

"I began using Brickwork India to get caught up on registration tasks so I could concentrate on the quick growth of our company. The service has been professional and easy to use. They follow directions and are easy to work with. After a few Skype calls to teach them how to perform the task they were able to complete 2,400 registrations in a short timeframe and I am looking forward to giving them more tasks so I can continue to produce new music and work with clients without the stress of being behind on administrative tasks."

Michael Thornton,
President, Amphibious Zoo Entertainment Grp LLC

"Working with Brickwork has been really beneficial for my company. They are incredibly efficient and hard workers and get the job done in a phenomenal way. I wouldn't be able to do it without them."

John Houston,
Founder | CEO, Footprint Productions

"Our small business has been working with Brickwork for two years, and the individual that handles our tasks is thorough, professional and gives us confidence in any tasks we assign."

Kay Walten
Chief Executive Officer, Loco Gringo Inc

"We have been with Brickworks for more than 1 year and their team particularly my REA have been very helpful, courteous, efficient, and affordable. They can complete recurring and repetitive administrative tasks so you focus on growing the business. If your work instruction is clear, they will get the job done and deliver what you ask for. Highly recommended."

Wutti O
Docklands Dental Studio

"I have been working with Brickwork for many years now. I have had a fantastic working relationship with them for 3 years. My REA handles my bookkeeping with ease. I have peace of mind because I know the job will get done the right way every time with his expertise."

Gary Gluck
Primary Veterinarian and Founder at Companion Veterinary Health Center

"In the short time we've been working with Brickwork India, our representative has become a valuable member of our team. He's been able to quickly navigate our systems, policies and procedures, pick up multiple tasks and complete them with accuracy and speed. His hard work, constant attention to detail, and overall demeanor make him a pleasure to work with. We couldn't ask for better service from him or Brickwork, and look forward to our continued success as a team."

Sonco, Crowd & Traffic Control Store

"I worked with Brickworks on a very detailed project. Their work was timely, efficient and of excellent quality. I generally found them highly responsive to my queries and they were able to get the work done quickly and efficiently."

Mahesh Uttamchandani

"It's been about a year since we took on the "adventure" to hire someone outside of our office and began working with you instead. At first we were quite anxious about this decision but now I'm pleased to admit we made the correct decision. Especially for a smaller firm like our own which lacks formal structure and much is in-the-making, it's been very comforting to find that we can count with the support, professionalism and commitment from Brickwork."

Financial and Investments Specialist

"I have utilised the services of Brickwork for over four years now. They have always been very thorough in following instructions and, importantly, will ask questions if unsure. A great feature of Brickwork is that they, for contingency, always endeavour to have two assistants who are currently trained- up in your regular tasks. My primary assistant, has been a delight to work with."

Mark Lawrence,
Owner at Health-Well Online

"My Brickwork REA has been working with my corporate books for over three years now. She has been extremely responsive to all my questions and requests. Although I've never met her in person, I can also sense that she is a kind and warm person, something I value greatly in all my business interactions. I am a professional artist and not very skilled on the accounting side of things, but my CPA has always remarked that my books are very clean. I'm very happy with her and with Brickwork in general. Thank you!"

Robin Huber,
President, Huber Studios, Inc.

"Our business in Sydney, Australia has been using some of the Brickwork India online services for over 3 years now. Their work has always been efficient and accurate, we appreciate their professional service very much. All the staff we have interacted with have been very professional and have been great with their communication. We are looking to increase our services with them in the near future. Thank you and keep up with the great work BI!"

Karen Powell,
Owner, Northside Polishing Pty Ltd

"I have worked with Brickwork accounting services over the past couple of years and it has been an easy and very positive experience. My account executive, is extremely helpful, quick to response and manages to fix whatever book keeping errors I make! I've enjoyed the process and working with her so much, I have just expanded my list of services needed from Brickwork."

Megan McCaffrey-Guerrera,
Owner & Certified Travel Specialist, Bella Vita Travels, LLC

"Thanks to Brickwork, our business became more scalable and efficient. We can focus on strategy and growth, knowing our finances are in good hands. Besides that, communication, the most viable part of our (any) relation, is running smoothly. Brickwork is like an "A" student. You only have to explain it once. It's a total pleasure to work with such a professional partner. I sincerely hope we can work together for many years to come."

Matthias Van Damme,
Managing Partner Pizza Pimps BVBA

"Brickwork team do a wonderful job getting my books updated each month in a timely manner. They ask all the right questions and are always on top of our bookkeeping. I'm very pleased with their service. Keep up the good work!"

Ryan Born,
CEO at HAAWK, Inc.

"Very pleased from the work Brickwork has provided over the years, they are always professional and very timely. Special thanks to my REA who always make an effort to go above and beyond in delivering above expectations."

Iron Gersten,

"Working with Brickwork has been one of the best things we have done for Top It Off Hat Company. By working closely with Brickwork it has opened up time for our staff to focus on promoting our product and increasing sales instead of focusing on monthly reconciling accounts. Starting off the relationship Top It Off Hat Company needed help in cleaning up several years of reconciliation of our bank and credit cards. A task that many companies just recommended starting from scratch. Brickwork stepped up and was able to get everything back on track without starting the books over with QuickBooks online. During the entire process their team was very helpful in explaining what they were doing along with confirming their thoughts prior to making any changes. The transparency with Brickwork is second to none."

"After cleaning up our QuickBooks account we retained Brickwork to continue on with Top It Off Hat Company to help in the monthly reconciling of all of our accounts. They have also made many suggestions over the year on how to better adjust our ways of entry on a daily basis. The individuals over at Brickwork have been a great pleasure to deal with and we look forward on a continued relationship. I have recommended several companies Brickwork and each have had a positive outcome. If you are looking to partner up with a company Brickwork is the one!"

Ryan Malone,
Owner, Top It Off Hat Company

"My company worked with Brickwork on a data collection/market analysis project. The Brickwork's team was amazing! In addition to speaking with me several times, at no charge, to help focus the project and desired outcomes, my team was sharp, polite, and extremely efficient. They offered suggestions that we had not thought of, and really helped to make the most out of the project. The project was completed well before the deadline, and team members frequently checked in with me to ensure that they were completing the tasks to our satisfaction. The price was beyond reasonable. I would definitely recommend Brickwork!"

Falen Cox - Founding Partner and Director of Operation,
Cox, Rodman, and Middleton

"I have been working with Brickwork for the past 2 months. My REA is doing an EXCEPTIONAL job on all my tasks. He is picking up the work very quickly and he is helping me tremendously! He is doing a great job and I am very excited about his eagerness to find new ways to do the tasks more efficiently. I wanted to send you a quick note recognizing his efforts."

Joseph M., Assistant Vice President

"I've been working with Brickwork India for several years now. I'm an account manager with a large American company and I have many administrative tasks that can keep me tied up in the office rather than out seeing clients. Being able to confidently delegate some of these tasks to a competent virtual assistant has allowed me the time to grow my business. I like working with a reputable agency like Brickwork India because of security and confidentiality. Also, because they have a robust staff able to cover each other during vacations and sick time. My first VA with them left the company but not before training her replacement. That's a huge advantage a firm has over an individual VA."

Skot Waller, Account Manager,
American Solutions for Business.
Lindsay Pedersen

I heard about Brickwork from "4 hour work week", however it took me a while to sign up with them because I didn't know what I want to give up at first and how it's going to work. I started small and just gave, my assigned VA, my emails and schedule. She dealt with it incredibly well and shortly has taken on other administrative tasks that now I have time to work on lots of higher-level issues. She is well organized, professional with clients, eager to learn new things, and always in a good mood. She has been hugely important for running and growing my business. That being said, I truly see a value in Brickwork and would recommend it to any small business owner.

Zhanna Dalbenka, Recruitment Consultant, Freelance Temps
Lindsay Pedersen

I write to express our satisfaction with Brickwork and also specifically my support team lead. I came to Brickwork 18 months ago to supplement my internal administrative staff objectives and we have been very pleased with Brickwork's performance.

The staff at Brickwork is very easy to do business with which, to me, should naturally be the first requirement when working with an outsourced supplier. From updates to renewals and certainly the ease to communicate between the U.S. and India staff of what is needed and the timeframe that it needs to be achieved in.

We use Brickwork team members as a part of our daily AR process, which we manage many transactions for a small business dealing with Fortune 500 clients. Additionally, I work with my REA on period end and quarterly client reports. She not only quickly understood the custom nature of the reports but has over time cleaned up the report and made formatting and data transfer better.

As a communication focused company, we appreciate that Brickwork is very like-minded in this way. I always say to my clients that our business is not rocket science so that means all issues can be resolved by higher quality communication of what is critical to quality. My REA and the Brickwork team have not been shy about asking questions to obtain better quality.

When client needs are clear there is a higher likelihood of being able to put forth solutions that drive value within the organization. Brickwork has provided value to our business.

Brian Robertson, Owner, Origin Group Int'l Inc.
We are a trade management and infrastructure solutions company.
Lindsay Pedersen

My REA and Brickwork provided a vital service during my transition into a new business. Without the team, I would have been unable to manage the difficult scheduling requirements and administrative tasks needed for me to successfully function. They also performed critical research tasks and helped me pull together presentations and google forms. Highly recommend.

Jeffrey Schell
Lindsay Pedersen

My REA does a great job. He works hard and completes projects with accuracy and care. I've been working with BrickWork India for years and consider them a trusted source for Virtual Assistants.

Jay Rice
Founder of Thinking Chat
Lindsay Pedersen

"I have been working with Brickwork India for several years and have been very pleased with the results. They handle routine and time-sensitive tasks efficiently and reliably. Knowing that these tasks will be done when I ask them to be frees me and my team up to focus on our core business offerings. Our REA is always responsive and clear in his communication and always happy to speak via Skype if we need more collaboration."

Lindsay Pedersen, Brand Strategist and Owner, Ironclad Brand Strategy
Ironclad Brand Strategy is a consulting firm that uses a scientific, growth-driving approach to brand strategy development in turn helping leaders unlock business growth through rigorous, razor-sharp brand positioning.
Jordan Philip

We worked with Brickwork on a short research and data gathering project which has helped our company start the conversations we need to grow our distribution programme. Brickwork REAs were efficient, effective and accommodating from the start with a thorough introduction to the team and process. We had no issues at any point within the project, communication was clear and concise, and the job was done with little input from our side. A winning approach when it comes to outsourcing work which you don't have the time in-house for. Thanks Brickwork, we shall be using you again in the future.

Jordan Philip, Owner, SouperME
Steve McCrosky

"My experience with Brickwork India and my REA has been fantastic. She is very detail oriented and communicates well with myself, my team mates and other clients. She goes above and beyond on any task that I assign to her. She has taken on more duties of our company and is learning the industry and how our company works. She has been a lifesaver during a very busy time with our company. Looking forward to transferring more duties over to her as she learns the business."

Steve McCrosky, Owner, Discover Properties LLC
We are a Real Estate management and investment company.
Logan Zanki

As a small business owner that has a rapidly growing business, you find that there's not enough time in the day and you often think that no one's going to do as good a job as you would. I heard about Brickwork from "4 hour work week" but even after hearing how good they were it still took me well over a year to sign up with them. It took me so long to sign up with them because I didn't know what I want to give up at first. I started small and just gave them my emails, I was so impressed how they responded and they even responded better than me so I kept giving them more and more things to do. I truly see a value in brickwork and would recommend it to any small business owner.

Logan Zanki, Owner & Inventor, Cozy Bump
The husband and wife team Logan and Kathleen Zanki of North Carolina, Cozy Bump has become the best friend of expectant mothers everywhere as a maternity mattress that allows pregnant women to rest and relax on their belly.
Morgan Norris

My experience using Brickwork India has been remarkable! My expectations were always succeeded with every assignment. My primary need was with assistance in my job search as I was changing career paths and wanted to find my dream job. With the support and guidance of Brickwork India, I was able to promote myself as an industry professional in the role that I wanted and I quickly gained attention from recruiters. I am now on the career path that I envisioned for myself and doing exactly what I love. This wouldn't had been an easy without the hard work, diligence and expertise guidance that I received from Brickwork India."

Morgan Norris
Mohamad Ilham Mat Yusop

I'm intrigued with Tim Ferris's suggestion that we can outsourced everything. After 6 months experience, I can only recount good experience working with professional outfit like Brickwork.

My EA, is ever responsive, professional in every communication and stunningly fast. I appreciate your assistance and have informed most of my colleagues!

Mohamad Ilham Mat Yusop, Manager, Platform and Database Services, Petronas
PETRONAS ICT Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS), Malaysia's fully integrated petroleum company.
Jasmine Purscell

"I came to Brickwork India with a unique challenge of needing to have financial reports completed for dozens of clients on a monthly basis using a specialized software system. Brickwork took the time to understand what the task entailed, learned our software system and began to execute very well within the first 30 days of our engagement. Everyone with whom I've come in contact at Brickwork is an excellent communicator and genuinely cares about the quality of work they produce.

I threw a very complex task to Brickwork and they figured out how to complete it efficiently and effectively. Total pros"

Brent Kocal, Principal and CEO
Kocal Properties -Specialists in a World of Generalists.
Jasmine Purscell

We have been very pleased with the work of Brickwork team. They have been adaptable to our needs and communicate well in letting us know if there will be any timing adjustments, etc. Skype allows us to talk "face to face" and makes the distance less of a challenge than you might imagine with virtual assistants. The REA and the others we work with maintain professionalism at all times and have become a very valuable part of our team.

Jasmine Purscell, Vice President, Power Factor Electric, Inc.
Power Factor Electric, Inc is a full service electrical contracting company serving local and national homebuilders.
Rafael Delfin

"I've been doing business with Brickwork since a year and they helped me to achieve a lot of my business goals. I won't stop doing business with Brickwork because with their services I can achieve more."

Gus Khawaja, Cyber Security Expert, Security Author & Founder, Gus Khawaja
Gus Khawaja is a security consultant, as well as an author in Cyber-security. He worked in IT security and Web application development. Gus has successfully delivered and developed IT solutions for companies all over Quebec/Canada. He is passionate about Technology and loves what he's doing.
Rafael Delfin

Brickwork India has been doing an excellent job for the past year assisting our company with direct mail lead entry. The team is able to quickly adapt to our processes and flexible timelines, and they are also incredibly pleasant people to work with. I appreciate all of their hard work on streamlining the lead entry process and freeing my time to work on creative aspects of my work. I would highly recommend Brickwork India's services because they are reliable, kind, and really willing to collaborate. Much appreciated!

Emma Givens, Assistant, Arbor Memorial Inc.
Rafael Delfin

Brickwork's services have been truly useful to streamline our research division. Once we got past the initial difficulty of defining how to integrate their support we found them incredibly useful and efficient. After trying out independent professionals in our industry we found Brickwork to be a more reliable and professional option given their established policies and practices to deliver on our project requirements."

Rafael Delfin, Head of Research, Brave New Coin
Brave New Coin is a market data company focused on providing actionable insights to key decision makers in the blockchain and cryptographic asset space.
Karen Rostagno

I have been working with Brickwork India for over 5 years and I am totally pleased with the benefits to my company. Assignments are always completed on time with an attention to detail. I trust that the work is always of the highest standard. No job is too small or too large and the attitude of everyone at Brickwork is positive and helpful. It is a pleasure to work with the Brickwork team.

A huge thank you!

Karen Rostagno
Director, Rostagno Organisation
Uchenna Kole-James

I have been a client of Brickwork for over 6 months and I have had the opportunity to work with a wonderful Virtual Assistant. She is wonderful because she understands my needs and is able to complete the assigned tasks quickly and efficiently. She assisted me in writing my first book, posting blogs, in addition to daily posting on my social media platforms. She is creative, caring, and a joy to work with.

Dr. Uchenna Kole-James,
Pharmacist and Founder, Phun On the Pharm.
Edward Wu

I've been working with Brickwork's admin staff off and on for several years for different projects. Their staff is smart, reliable, and professional, and they do a great job of communicating and keeping me up-to-date. They do quality work, and I'm looking forward to using them for even more tasks and projects in the future.

Edward Wu, Vice President, Aminco International (USA) Inc.
Aminco International (USA) Inc. is one of the world's largest designer/manufacturers of emblematic pins, keychains, jewellery, lanyards, and other accessories.
Ravi Daswani

We are happy with the Bookkeeping Services provided by Brickwork Accounting Team. The team is quite skilled and understand the requirement of the task at hand and do it with great effort and are always helpful and provide the assistance at any point and time. They are dependable whenever we've needed with any and all projects. They are a talented and diligent team and can be trusted to handle any request that we send them.

Ravi Daswani & Maya Lalwani, Revo Distribution Limited
Sanford Cohen

As our company evolves, Brickwork has helped us to keep up with our day-to-day bookkeeping, so we can focus on providing increased value to our clients. We are so grateful for Brickwork's ability to complete assignments quickly and accurately and we are looking forward to expanding our relationship with Brickwork in the future!

Accountant Firm from Maryland
Sanford Cohen

Brickwork REA is a true professional and I have relied on his administrative services nearly all this year. He is responsive, polite & thorough. He has become an essential part of World Travels and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship and to see his continued growth in learning our processes. We are very grateful for his help and services.

Dr. Shenita Outland, Owner, World Travels LLC
Houston's Premiere Boutique Travel Agency. We'll Take You There!
Sanford Cohen

I have been working with Brickwork from the last 5 years and our experience since 2012, has been very positive. My REA and Brickwork India are great to work with. Brickwork and our VA have been very helpful to the smooth operations of our business. My REA has mastered complex processes involving hundreds of worker with short delivery time frames. He takes the initiative to solve problems and engages in extra steps for customer satisfaction. He follows procedures and have effective communications. We can rely on him keep things in order and to take the initiative when he see problems. It also adds a lot to have the same person on our team for a long period of time. We look forward to maintaining this relationship for more years to come.

Sanford H. Cohen, CEO, SpeakLike, Inc.

SpeakLike provides on-demand language translations services with fast delivery, marketing quality, and easy access, including API integration.
Megan McCaffrey

For the past year, I have entrusted a portion of my bookkeeping to Brickwork. I have been so pleased (and so relieved!) by the good work done mainly by the wonderful and always so friendly, my Accounts executive. She has been a lifesaver in reconciling all my bank accounts and credit cards each month. This has loosened up my time so I can concentrate on sales and marketing, and has brought down my stress level tremendously. In fact, I am so happy with my Brickwork experience, I plan to increase the work with them in 2018.

Megan McCaffrey-Guerrera, Owner, Bella Vita Travels, LLC

We curate a unique itinerary based around your travel preferences combined with our deep first-hand experiences and knowledge.

As publishers for a luxury publication in our region, our focus is on our customers and clients daily. Brickwork allows us to free up time from administrative tasks, to truly engage with our clients and provide a higher level of customer service! We are grateful for Brickwork's professionalism, timeliness, work ethic, and more than anything-consistency! We know that we can count on the team at Brickwork to deliver phenomenal results for us every time so we can have peace of mind. Working with Brickwork REA has been one of the best decisions we have made in our business.

Alexa and Cameron McGraw, Magazine Owners and Publishers, Nashville TN
Adrian Hoffman

Brickwork has been a very good solution, for a number of reasons, to get the job we need done. Your staff is generally very attentive and diligent and they're always very easy to work with. It's safe to say that you've exceeded expectations. Thanks for everything so far and we're pleased to continue to grow this relationship.

Adrian Hoffman, CEO, Four Star Seafood
We are a boutique seafood wholesale business run by chefs and for chefs.
Maria Sedeno

As a non-profit organization, we always need to find ways to become more efficient; the number of full-time employees that we can have in our organization is limited, and can be affected by the type of projects that we are working on. Brickwork India has helped us to accomplish our objectives: they provide a cost-effective solution, their team is flexible and has expertise in different areas... we are just starting to discover everything that we can do together! Our Business Support executive is always on top of things, very professional in meeting deadlines and preparing detailed reports of where we are with our various projects.

Maria-F Sedeno, MM, Executive Director, RESPIPLUS
Living Well with COPD
A plan of action or Life
An NPO dedicated to educating health care professional and patients
Ivan Shao

Brickwork team effort and expertise in each respective field are given our company great support and looking forward to develop our business system along with Brickwork resource.

The REA & Project Supervisor are very motivated support colleagues during our daily operation; we are very happy they have desire for learning deep into our work process to ensure they perform at top standard at their role.

The SEO Analyst serve his best knowledge and expertise to support our needs in market planning. Share good thoughts to inspire us in marketing strategy looking forward to learn more and more online marketing options from him. Without the doubt, our account manager, gave us many support and always direct us to the right direction to building up our business foundation gradually. We are happy to work with you to building up our company together in a long run.

Ivan Shao, Owner, ISY1 LLC
ISY1 LLC is considered as an auto shipping industry pioneer. Our long term goal is keep improving to bring simplest and effortless auto shipping experience to your life.
Alex Vorobieff

It's rare when something that you hear is life changing actually lives up to expectations. I read about Brickwork in 4-hour Work week and tried it and wow!: It has changed the way I work. Brickwork is well organized and I now have a team. My REA takes care of many things I used to do myself or just blow off. I now have a team to help me get things done so I can focus on creating value. She does such a good job I often forget she is on the other side of the world. It feels like she is on the other side of my office wall.

Working with her and Brickwork has allowed me to evolve my business model since I don't have to do everything by myself and she is able to pull in other team members for unique assignments.

Alex Vorobieff, Consultant, Alex Vorobieff Company
Your Trusted Advisors - say it's time for an outside perspective.
Ankita Hundal

Brickwork and the team have helped us solidify our relationship and grow our business at Filter Group by providing us with real-time and insightful analysis and support that enables us to stay ahead of the curve. They operate like our own admin department assisting us with all the tools and data necessary to understand the trends and stay proactive.

The admin support team has been extremely dependable whenever we've needed assistance with any and all projects and initiatives at Filter Group Inc. They have the most talented and diligent people and can be trusted to handle any request that we send them. Your company, as a group defines what a business support company should be. The team continues to stand head and shoulder with us to provide quality and efficient support to all our requirements.

These days, when opposite of good client support is the norm, its refreshing to have a team like Brickwork who take their work seriously and go the extra mile. It has been a great pleasure working with such smart and hard working team.

It is not enough to say that we have received outstanding service and support from the Brickwork team and am sure will continue to.

Ankita Hundal, Manager, Operations, Home Water.

Home Water is a leading provider of affordable water treatment solutions in Canada and the US. We manufacture the innovative EZChange line of Whole Home Filters, Salt Free Descalers, and Drinking Water Filters that removes chlorine, scale and many other contaminants in municipal water. Whether you choose to buy or rent, rest easy knowing that your system is covered by quality Canadian manufacturing and unparalleled customer service.

We are a proud member of the Canadian Water Quality Association and one of the fastest growing new companies in Canada. We are always looking for highly energetic and enthusiastic candidates looking to grow with us.
Neelam Patel

I have worked with Brickwork India now for appx 3 months and couldn't be more satisfied with their diligence and accuracy. Having a virtual assistant that consists of a full team of experts in different fields is like having my very own team. Their workflow is consistent and accurate. And they will continue making revisions until the customer is satisfied. I have worked with independent virtual assistants before, but always faced the delays that come with a single person becoming overwhelmed with work, or falling ill and taking a few days off. But with Brickwork, since there is a team in place, the work always gets completed by the deadline. I couldn't be more satisfied with a team than I am with them.

Neelam Patel, Founder/CEO, Medifield Staffing Inc.

Medifield Staffing is a physician-owned and operated healthcare recruitment company that secures highly-qualified physicians for locum tenens and permanent placement in healthcare organizations across the US. As a full-service company, Medifield has earned a reputation among healthcare employers as the "go to" recruiter for difficult-to-fill positions, and is well-regarded by physicians seeking a career change or relocation for its expertise and professionalism.
Caleb Townsend

Being a small business owner is tough and scaling can be a challenge. I rely on my REA at Brickwork to handle all the backend part of my business so I can focus on being out front. Details are NOT my strength and I'm thankful that he is there to dot all the I's and cross all the T's. I would recommend him for any small business that is looking at a virtual assistant.

Caleb Townsend, Co-Founder, Manufacturing Referral Network

Factur: We help you find new Manufacturing customers!
Tony Allitt

Words cannot explain how impressed I am. Thank you for all of your efforts and for sharing my passion for continuous improvement.I am forwarding this email unchanged to my clients. My REA is doing such a great job and I really appreciate your assistance in making this relationship a success. I look forward to a long future with the team at Brickwork.

Tony Allitt, CFO, Eagle Eye Advisory Services, LLC

Eagle Eye Advisors are Qualified and Experienced Chartered Accountants with backgrounds in Big 4 accounting firms.
Hoke Shuler

Brickwork REAs were amazing and I REALLY enjoyed working with them. I must tell that it was very hard to start a relationship with a firm outside of the USA, but I am very glad I did! Thank you for nudging me along the way to get things done as we went along. I'm a horrible manager of things I hate to do, like paperwork. You have to know, I appreciated you keeping me straight, and I know I'm not easy to work with and I'm late with almost everything. However, you were always there, and always on my side. You were a great partner. I will never forget you!

Every year, I worried about taxes and every year along the way you kept me up to date with the probable tax amount I would owe at any given time. For a small business owner, with only 2 employees, you were amazing! We spoke many times and you must have thought I was the worst business manager ever, but you kept me going. I see you as a mentor to me and my business. In my eyes, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Brickwork made the entire experience absolutely wonderful! In part, the REAs helped me to retire. For that...I will be forever grateful to them and Brickwork.

In retirement, I will miss my REAs. Take pride in the fact you have helped another person so deeply and eternally.

Hoke Shuler, Financial Consultant, Householder Group, LLC

The Householder Group seeks to manage the financial freedom of our clients through a retirement and estate planning model that has the independence to access a wealth of quality products deployed through a selective network of integrated investment and wealth management professionals.
Shannon Holloway

Thank you for all you do for me. You flip things quickly work quickly and are perfectly accurate. I would not be able to doing my job well without you - my deliverables move weekly and monthly and it is so helpful to have someone who can crunch numbers quickly and build smart tracking systems in a sprint. Not to mention requests never ever slips through the cracks - amazing.

Shannon Holloway, Owner, Holloway Management LLC

Holloway Management LLC is one point of contact for managing your bills, website, taxes, digital archive, and new startup. Their service offerings include entity formation, small business startup and compliance, IT support (computers, network, digital archive, and website maintenance) and Accounts payable, accounting & tax preparation.
Brian Shillair

I first started using Brickwork India when I had my own consulting company and now I continue to use them as I develop sales territories for an enterprise storage start-up. Brickwork India has helped me maintain Salesforce, maintain Microsoft O365, keep me connect with clients on LinkedIn, and build sales maps and client target lists. When developing sales territories, Brickwork India allows me to stay focused on partners and clients.

Brian Shillair, Regional Sales Manager - Central, Enterprise Storage Start-up
Kevin M

My REA and Brickwork India are great to work with. Their work is of the highest quality due to their attention to detail and their diligent staff. We receive projects well within our requested timeframes through fluid communication. I really enjoy working with him and everyone at Brickwork India.

Kevin M. Quinlan, Underwriting Support, Synergy Comp

Kevin Quinlan is an Underwriting Support team member at Synergy Comp Insurance Company, in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Synergy Comp is a Workers' Compensation insurance company that provides clients with a customized loss prevention business plan, which ultimately lowers premiums and increases profits.

Brickwork and our VA continue to contribute to the operations of our business. He has mastered complex processes involving hundreds of worker with short delivery time frames. He takes the initiative to solve problems as they come up and engages in extra steps for customer satisfaction. The length of his tenure with us has made his contribution even better. We look forward to another year with him.

Sanford H. Cohen, Co-founder, SpeakLike, Inc.

SpeakLike provides on-demand language translations services with fast delivery, marketing quality, and easy access, including API integration.
Mark Blackwell

My REA has been doing an amazing job and truly hope we can work on a deal to keep us working together. Overall his attention to detail has been great, he has been very professional and attentive and believe has a great future ahead. I have worked with a couple of VAs in the past and he is by far #1 in my books.

Mark Blackwell, COO, GNS3

GNS3 is providing a 100% risk-free virtual environment for network professionals to test and build out virtual networks to their growing community of over 500,000 users.
Kim Smith

I have been working with Brickwork for about four months now and could not be happier. Brickwork helps us with prep lists, ordering, and kitchen inventory. They're invaluable to our operations! They take care of tasks that once filled my day, and they do it in less time than I used to. Always clarify when there are questions, timely respond when needed, and have improved upon company systems to lessen time spent on tasks. Thrilled with their service and constantly looking for more to give them. Highly recommend!

Kim Smith
Executive Chef

Prep'd is a Los Angeles-based meal prep and home delivery company providing delicious, healthy, and affordable meals to busy individuals in the South Bay.
Amanda Brake

Our experience with the REA at Brickwork India has been overwhelmingly positive. We have never used an REA before, and we were not really sure what to expect. Brickwork REA responds promptly and courteously to our requests, submits tasks that are done to our specifications, and effectively communicates progress notes on ongoing projects. He sends us little notes from time to time, reminding us that he is there to help if we have something lined up for him, or just "have a good weekend!" emails. Overall, we are very happy that he is here to work with us and to take some of the pressure off of ourselves. As entrepreneurs, finding the balance between life and making our dream a reality is a daily struggle. He makes it so much easier.

Amanda Brake
Partner, My Organic Made Simple

My Organic Made Simple is a web service that connects eco-minded consumers with Green Brands that match their values. The website is
Mike Shelley

My REA has quickly become a valuable member of our team. She has learned the tasks assigned to her very quickly and performs these tasks flawlessly. Having her on our team has allowed me to focus on growing my business while she performs the daily tasks that I responsible for. I look forward to working with her even more in the future.

Mike Shelley
Owner, Sgt Knots Paracord Products
Samuel Henderson

My team at Brickwork has consistently delivered quality performance and results. My REA is very responsive to requests outside of the normal tasks and is conscientious about providing accurate work.

My experience with Brickwork has been very beneficial to my business. The team is very good about reconciling account statements and providing notes if there are unmatched items. I am also very pleased with how open to feedback the team is and how quickly they commit to change.

Samuel R. Henderson
President , SR Henderson Construction INC
John Jordan

My REA has been an incredible asset to our marketing team. The REA's ability to work quickly, clearly communicate project goals and expectations, and to deliver quality work has been worth every penny. I would highly recommend using Brickwork as a great addition to your Marketing Team!

John Jordan
Digital Marketing Director, Greater Chicago Area
Andrew T Corso

We have been using Brickworks now for two years and have never had an issue. They are nothing but professional and nice. We will of course use them again and again.

Andrew T Corso
Account Manager, Compass

We are a technology-driven real estate platform with different cities in USA, providing brokerage services, combining exceptional agents with best-in-class technology to make the process of buying, selling, or renting a home.
Renil M George

I have worked with Brickwork for the last 3 years. BWI came as a promising remote executive assistance from the words of Tim Ferris. The work load outsourced ranged from complex business researches to monthly book keeping and accounting to developing content to numerous other business related tasks. I have found a whole new meaning to the term "Geoarbitration" through BWI. Although turn around time scales on some of the projects have been questionable, majority of the work outsourced has been done in a consistent and professional approach. They have made our lives so much easier and simpler, whereas prior to my knowledge of BWI, a lot of the work described above was challenging and economically not feasible. We are ever grateful for the wonderful team at BWI who has made our business journey easier and efficient and continue to do so. We look forward to many more years of active collaboration.

Renil M George
CEO, 3CM Solutions, A Public Transportation Company
Rodney Daut

Before I found Brickwork, I had hired a VA that was about twice as expensive and lived in my time zone. Unfortunately he kept on making mistakes despite me giving careful instructions and showing him the common errors that can be made with some tasks. I had to let him go which I hated to do as he was a friend of the business owner.

I did everything myself for a while and I could not get as many of the big money-making projects completed as I would have liked. This all changed when I found Brickwork India. I got my first VA through them around three years ago and I haven't looked back. Each VA from Brickwork is vetted. Each one has the exact skills they say they have. Each VA has followed instructions and asked important questions. I have had very few errors in the hundreds of tasks that I have assigned. And any time something goes wrong, my VA fixes it without complaint and even with a cheerful attitude!

One of my many concerns in hiring VA's was in letting them have access to important files, client records and the like. That's one reason why I wanted to hire someone from an agency that vets their VA's instead of hiring an individual from a freelance website.

So I strongly recommend services from Brickwork India. Each time I give a task, I trust that it will be done.

Rodney Daut
Director of Marketing and Training, The Lefkoe Institute
Patricia Snyder

"I have been working with Brickwork on my multiple accounts and have been extremely pleased with the work performed. We work well together and as usual, Brickwork is very responsive and competent."

"Thank you and I look forward to another productive year ahead with you and your team. I would prefer to stay with the same team so that I don't need to do any orientation or training on my accounts and how I prefer them to be handled. It will benefit me to keep the same team."

Patricia Snyder
Manager of multiple small businesses
Amanda Muledy

Brickwork was a great help on our conversion project. The people that worked with us were attentive and worked fast on fairly complicated conversions. What was most helpful was the insistence on customer satisfaction Brickwork provides. Rather than just delivering work and announcing completion, the person doing the conversion asked for feedback and was dedicated to getting the project done exactly to our satisfaction. I would recommend Brickwork for their policy of not just getting it done, but getting it done right.

Amanda Muledy
Technical Editor, amca international (Air Movement and Control Association International Inc.)
Junior Partapsingh

My REA and the Brickwork management team have provided an impressive amount of support for my company. The REA's ability to provide excellent customer service, his aptitude for managing our online scheduling, email marketing, updating WordPress and our social media presences, and his efficiency in performing valuable research, The Love Institute now has a presence in 13 cities across the U.S and maintains a 4.8 Star average.

We understand this to be in large part to his prompt replies and genuine care for our customers, above all else. He receives a tremendous amount of feedback from our customers, who express that his kindness and care is palpable through phone and email. His focus on detail and ability to keep track of many details at once, makes him able to assist me in company system implementation and restructuring, even under tight deadlines. His commitment to providing excellence and natural tendency to want to stay busy on the job allows me to focus on expansion, innovation, and media representation. I am indebted to Brickwork for offering my REA's assistance three years ago. He is the heart of this company, and everyone that meets him quickly sees... he wears it on his sleeve.

Meagan Holub
Founder & Publisher at Olive Vine Press and Founder & CEO of The Love Institute
Junior Partapsingh

After reading the book "Four Hour Work Week", I decided to try out your company as it was one mentioned in the book. Your company has made every effort to allowing flexibility, and you've learnt to use the software that I gave you access to. Thank you for your assistance and also, when the 30 day period had ended, you extended it another 15 days for me without hesitation. I was sure I would lose it. All in all, Brickwork India has helped me a lot, and now that I live in the US, I think I will want to try it again in the near future. Also, I have recommended lots of people and friends to your company.

Junior Partapsingh
Managing Director, CSF Couriers Limited,
Leo King

I am absolutely delighted with the quality of work I have received from Brickwork, and the time saving I have made.
My content co-ordinator has done excellent work creating and researching articles for me on a variety of topics. This has both saved me time and ensured I deliver a high quality of work during busy months.
My SEO analyst has equally provided thorough and highly useful work, improving the rank of my website and ensuring I get the right traffic from my content and for my descriptive pages.
I am very grateful for their high efficiency and attention to detail, which have helped me immensely, and I look forward to working with them again soon.

Leo King
Editor and Video Journalist
George Vrabeck

Since 2009, I've used Brickwork India for four separate projects.
First, I asked them to research the standup paddle industry in Costa Rica. The report delivered was outstanding.
Next, I asked for accounting help reconciling the checking accounts of two LLCs in which I’m involved. The accountant from Brickwork not only reconciled the accounts, but he also produced extremely accurate financial statements. Moreover, he delivered the statements earlier than projected.
The last two times I asked Brickwork for help was related to web site development projects. Again, they did outstanding wok, delivered more than promised, and were incredibly responsive. On the second project, my account manager remembered my server access passwords from my first project. I had the wrong passwords; he was cc'd on all emails and sent a message to everyone with the correct passwords. Unbelievable service!
I have extremely diverse business interests and expect quite a bit from service providers. Brickwork India has consistently delivered more than promised at a very very reasonable price. I'm highly confident I'll use Brickwork again for multiple projects. Equally important, everyone is both professional and a pleasure to have as a business partner.

George Vrabeck
Director and Investor, Granola Products, LLC
Gregor Iwanoff

Having a VA was a complete new experience for me, but it is absolutely worth trying! My VA is doing an excellent job. Reliable, fast, a true professional. Brickwork is a great experience that I totally recommend!
Thank you for the great support!

Gregor Iwanoff
Gregor Iwanoff Training
Patrick Hainault

Over the years, we've tasked Brickwork with relatively complex - and definitely large-projects and Brickwork has always found a way to deliver. Being able to rely on their services has enabled us to focus on what we do best: communicating with our customers.

Patrick Hainault
Group VP, Marketing Inc. Media
Daniel Galle

We needed to find images for a new e-commerce store and asked Brickwork for help sourcing SKU images from the manufacturers website and Brickwork did a fantastic job. We supplied them a list of 1000 SKU and made a workflow for them to follow, which they did to the point. All images where sourced in high quality and sorted in folders per SKU with number per images. Now we have a full image database with thousands of images for all our SKUs.

Daniel Galle
William Higgins

I have used two separate remote assist services, and have much preferred the quality of work I received from brickwork. The REA followed directions precisely, and even went above and beyond and made helpful suggestions. I would definitely work with them again.

William Higgins
Professional, Digital Domain
Fund Analyst

Brickwork has enabled me to work smarter due to its administrative support. I am spending less time on emails and more time being productive. They are very responsive to requests and attempt to execute work in a timely manner. I am excited to continue being a customer of the service.

Fund Analyst, Financial Industry
Allan Say

I've found my REA from Brickwork India extremely easy to get on with and very timely with her work. I've been working with my REA from past 6 months now and she has always exceeded my expectations with her high quality of work and also in the speed that she operates at and gets jobs done. I would and have highly recommended Brickwork India to anyone who needs to outsource their work immediately.

Allan Say
Director, Pro-Am Group
Michael Freedman

Brickwork India has made my business and my life simpler. By taking over the work that I don't have time for, it opens up my schedule to promote my business, work with clients and to spend more time at home with my family. On top of that, I don't have to deal with hiring new employees, managing adequate work for them and relieving them when I don't have extra work (plus I don't have to pay employee taxes). Brickwork India saves me a lot of hassle and stress. In addition, my assistant, assigned to me at Brickwork India, is one of the best performers I have had the pleasure of working with. Her attention to detail and efficiency amazes me to this day. I highly recommend Brickwork India to anyone who needs things done right.

Michael Freedman
Owner, The Florida Reptile Ranch
Rajesh Vaidya

I read about Brickwork India in Tim Ferriss's book "The 4 Hour Workweek".

After necessary due diligence, I engaged with them on my business website and business plan projects.

This happened sometime around October-2013, and since then, the association has continued to grow stronger.

The best part of Brickwork India is they have a great bandwidth and capabilities to support businesses from any part of the world. You seldom hear ‘No'- and that opens up multiple possibilities for entrepreneurs - especially when they are in startup process and running on thin resources.

I have interacted with a team of people and they are the visible front end of Brickwork India. I am sure there are many other colleagues who have been supporting Earth & Stars through their silent but solid contributions.

Brickwork stood out for its exceptional client centric approach and down to earth team with competence and commitment.

I wish every individual and team Brickwork great success and look forward to have a long and profitable association in days to come."

Rajesh Vaidya
Director, Earth & Stars SRL
Jeff Ames

"After reading the book ""The Four Hour Work Week"", I was curious if Brickwork could really help my small online business grow. I emailed them to request information and to my surprise, they were very proactive and timely in their response. Since that time in mid-2014, I have hired their online administrative services and have been highly impressed. My designated REA is fluent in English and is readily accessible via skype / email. On top of them being very responsive, Brickwork is very flexible / scalable. During the holidays, I needed my REA to increase his hours from 3 hours per day to 7 and he was able to do that with no interruption / retraining for another REA.

Overall, if you own a small business and need to offload some of you administrative duties so you can work "on your business" instead of "in your business", I highly recommend the services of Brickwork."

Jeff Ames
President, Bluegrass Barrels
Managing Director

Brickwork changed my life and company by allowing me to focus my time on bigger picture items and become more efficient. At this point, I couldn't imagine running a business without the help of brickwork.

Managing Director
Sports Industry
Jonathan McConnell

Brickwork India does a superb job at complex projects. Brickwork is always on budget, on task, and on time. They have become one of our indispensable vendors.

Jonathan McConnell
President & CEO, Meridian Global
Alyson Moore

"It is our first Happy Anniversary!
Our REA at Brickwork has provided invaluable assistance to our company as we have grown over the last year. In our virtual office environment the challenge is to find new ways to work together and I think we have done this very effectively. She helped us out not only with our routine tasks but also with our research (e.g. new suppliers Vietnam) in a very intelligent and interactive manner.
We have found her to be both professional and friendly to work with and I hope we can continue to work together in the future.
Thanks again for all your help."

Alyson Moore
Director, Abbey Language Travel
Anit Patel

"Brickwork has successfully been able to assist me as an Entrepreneur by providing a great Executive Assistant to help me manage some of my day-to-day tasks and HR activities. I had a special request to have a very experienced Executive Assistant to help me with my tasks and manage some of my projects. My REA has been satisfactorily helping me with everything I needed. She has always exceeded my expectation in terms of work requirement. She is very much attentive to details and make sure to meet deadlines of the tight schedules of my projects.
She has been very professional in managing the projects including the amount of communication that takes place, and handles issues in a consistent and patient manner while dealing with some of the last minute changes. I would like to thank her and Brickwork to deliver great work and I am happily recommending Brickwork to anyone who is looking for a personal assistants.
I am looking forward to keep on going with our continuous engagement. :-)"

Anit Patel
Managing Director, Skiva Solutions Pty Ltd
Chrizette Neethling

"We are a South African based specialised environmental management company and require research, document formatting and editing and support in social network marketing that is not our field of expertise.
Our REA at Brickwork has become our team member in these areas. I can trust her work to be honest, on time and in good quality. She is dependable, flexible to accommodate times of high work volume and verifies instructions to make sure she meets our company needs. She is an asset to our company.
I refer Brickwork to other companies where I can as it makes good business sense, even with the current ZAR-Dollar exchange rate."

Chrizette Neethling
Managing Director, Endemic Vision
Aelwynn Swanson

I am so happy that I've discovered Brickwork! It can be very hit or miss relying on contractors for virtual assistance related business tasks, especially international company's, but Brickwork has proven itself time and time again. My assistant was extremely timely and courteous when engaged in all of the projects assigned to him. With the guidance of my assigned project manager, we were able to move through tasks efficiently and quickly even though they are half a world away. Brickwork staff go above and beyond to provide top quality support for those looking for anything that can be done remotely. I highly recommend this company and will continue to build my working relationship with them. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to building my business!

Aelwynn Swanson
Director, Sharp Edge Studios Australia Pty. Ltd
Paul Friedman

I used Brickwork India for a couple of years now, using several of their REA's. I have found their services to be quite satisfactory. They have taken over the more routine aspects of developing my website, while freeing me up for more critical and creative functions.

Paul Friedman
CEO, College Owl
Amyn Mangi

"My REA has now been working with us for 1 year and we've witnessed great improvement and growth about her. It is interesting to see how someone whom you have never met in person can become such a central — even indispensable! — member of your support team.

Different projects call for a distinct skill set to match it. In our case, the main skills required and displayed by the REA are:

  1. The ability to multitask: Our project is that of a true admin assistant, very eclectic and diverse in the nature of the tasks given
  2. Keep control of multiple databases whether spreadsheets or document filing and management
  3. Attention to detail: We are an engineering company and a small mistake can have disastrous consequences
  4. The ability to communicate both electronically and over the telephone in a polite and professional manner whilst being firm and never loosing sight of the task's goals
  5. The ability to liaise with team members who aren't physically present and in our case are in another continent and who don't even speak the same language: This requires resourcefulness in finding ways around seemingly unsurmountable obstacles


Thank you for the hard work! She is really a part of our team. We would like her to know that we speak about her at the office as if she was someone who comes to our office every day, who creates with us, who achieves breakthroughs with us and who, at times, suffers with us. Thanks for being such a wonderful and dependable team member!"

Amyn Mangi
Managing Director Procurement | Contracting | Oil & Gas Services
A H Francis Professional Beauty

Our experience with Brickwork India has been excellent. Their service is outstanding, they deliver high quality output and are great to work with. We faced a project with a tight deadline and Brickwork India made sure we could deliver in time. They set right priorities for our project and provided additional resources to assure delivery. The quality of the work delivered was excellent, fast and we were kept up to date every day. We would definitely recommend Brickwork to other companies. Thank you Brickwork team, we will contact you again!

Simon Langbroek
A H Francis Professional Beauty

Brickwork REA has done fantastic work for me ever since day one. Highly dependable and a pleasure to work with. Look forward to many more years working with Brickwork india.

James Breese, Founder
Kettlebell Fever Ltd
A H Francis Professional Beauty

I could not be happier! Partnering with Brickwork India to help my team and me be successful is one of the best things I have done in my 10 years since starting my company. The REA from Brickwork (who I honestly view as one of my team members) is bright, efficient, thorough and her follow-up is amazing. My company's mission is to positively transform as many lives as possible through our Online Boot Camps. Given that lives are at stake it is imperative that we move fast and the Brickwork Team have been a pivotal part of our past and present success. In summary, I could not be any happier with the experience we have had with the REA and with Brickwork.

Jonathan Roche, Founder and CEO
Breakthrough Health & Wellness Solutions, Inc.
A H Francis Professional Beauty

National Dental Care has been using Brickwork India for over 6 months to help with general administrative tasks. We have found all the staff to be friendly, efficient and are constantly in contact providing updates on their progress. In our experience it has been a pleasure working with the Brickwork India team and would recommend them to anyone looking to make their business more efficient.

Katie Jackson, Executive Assistant
National Dental Care
A H Francis Professional Beauty

"Brickwork has been providing continuous support to our business. We needed help with managing our calendar and managing the Trip sheets of all our colleagues. Brickwork has provided the service without any glitch. The best part of their support is that the service does not get hampered due to absence of the REA as they have an efficient back up system. We have been very happy with Brickwork. Mike Akey President Akers Packaging Service"

Mike Akey, President
Akers Packaging Service
A H Francis Professional Beauty

When moving house and changing careers last year I wasn't sure how I would find the time, or mental space, to look for work. Outsourcing something as personal to me, and as specific to the British market, as job hunting to an organisation outside the UK seemed unworkable. I'm pleased that BrickWorks - in the form of my always friendly, prompt, courteous and reliable PA Ranjana - proved me wrong. While I was unpacking boxes in my new home Brickwork circulated my CV and edited as necessary quietly behind the scenes for a minimal fee and without fuss. I soon got a calls for interviews and I still do, even though I quickly found work with Brickwork's help. Their simple and flexible block payment system has never left em feeling trapped by arrangements that i cannot easily tailor to suit my needs" - Michael Philipsz, Metropolitan Housing Trust

Michael Philipsz
Metropolitan Housing Trust
A H Francis Professional Beauty

We have been using the Brickwork team for nearly a year now from simple administrative tasks and research to fairly complex html updates on our website. Our allocated team works fast, efficiently and always keeps us informed through out the task making sure it's been done correctly. Brickwork virtual Office is sensible & cost efficient choice saving you money and own resources.

Sarka Hornakova, Customer Service Manager
Active Migration Australia
A H Francis Professional Beauty

I have been using Brickwork for just over 6 months now. We have undergone a effective and efficient learning experience together. When intially contacting Brickwork I wanted them to continue using my Excel database system to manage and run my accounts. However, they showed my some oher solutions which have proven to be produce the results I need much more cost effectively. Brickwork Accounts now runs four companies for me. The business support team there have helped free my time, allowing me to concentrate on bring more work in. Thank you for all your help and assistance.

Tim Chase, Director
A H Francis Professional Beauty

Hello! My name is Alison Francis. I'm also known as Anandi. I'd like to give this testimonial for Brickwork because I did some research about virtual assistants and I interviewed a few of them. And I decided to work with Brickwork because they seem to be the most professional, and they proved me really right! I'm very very happy with the work they've been doing so far. They are very professional, very organized and always deliver on time. So I'd recommend Brickwork to anyone who is looking to create a virtual organization. It's been huge help for me. So, thanks very much Brickwork. Thank You.

Alison Francis
A H Francis Professional Beauty
BW Furlong & Associates

Our company first began working with Brickwork India a little over a year ago, and I could not be more pleased with the relationship that we've developed. I've been able to work with the same person the entire time, which has saved me time by not needing to re-teach various processes. Brickwork REA  is responsible for all of the medical record updating of our pharmaceutical sales, which is one of the core attributes that allows our business to differentiate itself from competitors. He was very quick to learn how to use the software, and asks questions when necessary. Additionally, when the Chairman, Vivek Kulkarni, and the CEO, Sangeeta Kulkarni were traveling in the United States recently, they took the time to meet with me, showing a dedication by Brickwork India as an entire organization to consistently improve and find new ways to provide support to their clients. I am very much looking forward to continuing this great relationship in the future and finding new ways for Brickwork India and our company to work together.

Adam Furlong, BW Furlong & Associates, Project Manager
Furlong's Healthy Horse, Vice- President
Babiators, LLC

Brickwork REA has been part of the Babiators team from almost the beginning of the founding of the company. Being a startup, we sometimes have limited time and things change very quickly. The REA fills a need and is able to quickly adjust to any change that occurs as we grow. We consider Brickwork REA as an integral part of the Babiators customer service team. He handles our replacement guarantees promptly and accurately. He is also happy to take on any additional tasks that we requests and always completes them by the deadline. Providing a high quality product and providing excellent customer service are the two key components to the success of Babiators. Having Brickwork to take care of many of our customer service requests has helped our company grow and stand out as a leader in baby products industry. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Brickworks!

Katherine Kinser, Customer Service Operations Manager
Babiators, LLC

Working with Brickwork has been an education in administration management. As a small business owner I do not have the structure in my office to sustain the people required for my ideas to grow. And I know I cannot do everything myself.I have found the teams who help me at Brickwork to be professional and very clever. I like it when they offer ideas, and complete tasks in the expected time. Brickwork REA has been an excellent IT guru for my website in the design and development phase - although I'm cranky she didn't put the mobile option in from the beginning! The results of her work is always beautiful. All administration tasks require excellent communication and sometimes there are hiccups. I was happy that Brickworks upper management structure meant that if I was unsatisfied or having trouble with something, we could work it out. It has been an overall very positive experience for me and I like the company.

Dr. Ilana Mendels, Director
Rostagno Organisation

We have been working with Brickwork India now for several years.

Tasks are always completed on time, no excuses ever, in a totally professional way.
They get the task done and if someone is away there is a back up to make sure the job gets done.
From the initial contact, set-up, through payment processing, the business arrangements have been quick and with no fuss.

Brickwork India are easy to work with and the time difference has been great as I can go to bed with the jobs done and emails in my in box in the morning.
I highly recommend the Brickwork India team to anyone who is looking for excellent Virtual Assistant work.
I look forward to an ongoing relationship.

Karen Rostagno, Director
Rostagno Organisation
Drynda Antriebswellen Autoteile e.K.

I am very satisfied to have Brickwork India as my partner!

The REAs that Brickwork selected to work for us are efficient, professional and competent. Any fears of time delays or language miscommunications were immediately disproven. In fact, the time difference has some advantages; during the course of my work day I can send the tasks and when their work day begins (later, due to the time difference) they can complete it! It is a system that works extremely well for us.

We have been working with Brickwork India now for more than one year. Although our company is placed in Germany, the collaboration is very fruitful and helpful. The Brickwork team provided us with office assistance such as minutes writing or proofreading as well as with formatting text material and research tasks. They always accomplished our requests in time and in a professional way. Brickwork India definitely helped us to save time and efforts. Thanks to the Brickwork India Team!

Thanks for great Support!

Gregor Drynda, CEO
Drynda Antriebswellen Autoteile e.K.
Florida Advocates

An attorney highly recommended Brickwork India for our legal paperwork, and since the time we started working with Brickwork India, I have been incredibly happy with the efficiency and the level of quality of work they produce. Brickwork India has worked with my firm in claims processing assistance, much needed for our business to be successful.

Aura Brooks, Attorney
Florida Advocates
Sprache am Markt Inc.

We have been working with Brickwork India now for more than one year. Although our company is placed in Austria, Europa, the collaboration is very fruitful and helpful. The Brickwork team provided us with office assistance such as minutes writing or proofreading as well as with formatting text material and research tasks. They always accomplished our requests in time and in a professional way. Brickwork India definitely helped us to save time and efforts. Thanks to the Brickwork India Team!

Michaela Mojzis-Böhm, Partner
Sprache am Markt Inc.
The Beaumont Group

I first thought of getting ROA assistance when reading Tim Ferris' 4 hour work week. He recommends Brickworks but I also used a number of other services before sticking with Brickworks.

While I have not managed quite a 4 hour work week yet, I have nothing but good things to say about Brickworks. Efficient, straight forward with no long stories or issues like we have in most office environments. They just get it done, even if they are sick … there is always back fill cover in the team. In fact even when we have stretched their resources with a huge pile of simultaneous projects and although they gave us a very professional warning that they may not manage it all within 48 hours, they delivered within 36, well short of the deadline we originally gave. Change your life – call Brickworks today.

Jonathan Falconer, Representative Director
The Beaumont Group

Brickwork rescued my online business. I am a very creative person with hundreds of ideas and too little time to get things done. From simple tasks like database entry to newsletter writing all the way up to SEO, SMM, building and maintaining the company's website and social media presence and even creating an App - Brickwork does it all. I came across Brickwork while reading "The 4 Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferris and needed to Brickwork took every task on with a smile and got it done in an extremely professional manner. People ask me what my secret to success is. I always answer with one word: "Brickwork"

Jonathan Tilley, Motivational Fitness Coach and Owner
Fitness Together

It is with great pleasure to take the time to write a few words about my positive experiences with Brickwork India.

From the initial contact and contracting period through payment processing, the business arrangements have been quick and simple. Their work has been equally fantastic, and they have been exceptionally easy to work with. Brickwork has proactively and independently handled many weekly responsibilities, and, because of the time difference, has given us a terrific head start on many of the weekly Monday activities!

Additionally, their team environment ensured transparent migration from one assistant to another, which preserved the initial training investment spent on my 1st Brickwork Virtual Assistant. I would highly recommend Brickwork for anyone looking for virtual assistance work!

Randy Zarecki, Owner & Chief Fitness Officer
Fitness Together
Parks Clinic

The REAs that Brickwork selected to work for us are efficient, professional and competent. Any fears of time delays or language miscommunications were immediately disproven. In fact, the time difference has some advantages; during the course of my work day I can send the tasks and when their work day begins (later, due to the time difference) they can complete it! It is a system that works extremely well for us.

Dr. Henry Luiker, Director
Parks Clinic
FullCircle Innovations

"The team Brickwork India not only delivers but exceeds the wildest predictions & goals, highly recommended"

Flavio Souza , Founder
FullCircle Innovations
Pace INC

We have been working with Brickwork India for quite a while and are very pleased with the services they provide. They always seek to understand our business and how to add value and they stick to their commitments. Hence, we are looking at more services to be outsourced to them to enable our organization to focus on our core business. We look forward to many more fruitful years of working closely with them. I would recommend them to anybody without any hesitation.

Edward Van Leent, Chairman & CEO
EPI Singapore
Hybrid Reality Institute

Brickwork provides top-notch, round-the-clock services which are indispensable for our global advisory work. We really admire the efficiency and diligence all the staff bring to the many tasks and projects they have handled.

Parag & Ayesha Khanna, Co-Directors
Hybrid Reality Institute
Reither Consulting

"I have been fortunate with my Brickwork Virtual Assistant. Brickwork is the only Virtual Assistant firm where the first Virtual Assistant I was assigned is the one I still work with today (with other firms I've worked with I've had to ask for replacements). The tasks I have had my Brickwork Virtual Assistant work on have been a little more technical in nature, compared to the ‘Basic Services' tasks listed above. The majority of the work she does involves editing website content via a Joomla Content Management System (CMS) and Word press blog backend. It's basically just point-and-click kinds of tasks, with occasional web research and basic HTML editing involved (by contrast, Get Friday just told me straight up that their virtual assistant could not perform these types of tasks)."


Jeremy Reither, President
Reither Consulting
Applied Education LLC Industry

"We have hired and fired a few administrative assistants whom have not been able to keep up with the demands of a small business. Finally, we heard about Brickwork through reading the 4 Hour Work Week. I can't rave more about their services and professionalism. Every night, I fax or email over new contact entries. As an educational company, our success is built on our contact management system and staying in touch with our clients who have attended our courses. It's vital to our success and thankfully we found Brickwork who can take care of this very time consuming, but essential task!

Many thanks to you for your services and professionalism!"

Kristin Redmond, Owner
Applied Education LLC Industry
Round Sky

"It has been a pleasure working with Brickwork. I have tried a different "Everyday" outsourcing company previously and was seriously disappointed. My REA at that company barely understood English and was simply incompetent even though he had a Masters degree.

Brickwork is completely different. Both my REAs have a strong competency of English and are both very web savvy. With little training on my end my Brickwork REA now handles almost all of my Customer Support issues. From responding to emails to listening to voicemails to answering customer support tickets. I am very pleased with my Brickwork REA and will be a customer for a long time."

Nazar Brizinov, CEO
Round Sky, Inc – A Search Engine Marking Company
Flex Marketing Group

"In this business, there is no shortage of companies trumpeting their expertise and promising that their services are capable of maximizing efficiency. But in practice, few are able to deliver on these promises. From the moment we began working with Brickwork, it became clear that we were working with seasoned pros. I'm not only impressed by the high level of service provided, but also by their focus and attention to detail."

Michael Held, President
Flex Marketing Group
Expertel Ltd.

"My current REA is a recent replacement and she has comfortably exceeded all areas of her predecessor's output. In particular I would like to note;

Timeliness/ prompt working: She has turned around tasks overnight without exception.

Capabilities: She has effected marketing data retrieval to a high standard enabling swift creation of Go To Market plans. On regional basis these have covered Russia CIS and Middle Eastern territories and a technology basis the emergent trends in telecoms products including In Flight phones.

Productivity & Reporting: The hours spent on each task have been very reasonable and occasionally less than I have expected. There has been a good level of reporting of time spent delivered unsolicited at regular intervals & always available on request.

Flexibility: I have asked a range of tasks to be completed by her, none of which has been rejected. On some more advanced IT tasks, she has enlisted the help of her colleagues to get work completed.

In summary, she has exceeded my expectations with and I look forward to continuing her services in the future.

Brickworks: Although the contract negotiation was a little slow & painful, I persevered due the quality of the recommendations from clients. I have not been disappointed with the service delivered which has now come to be part of my indespensable routine. Work progresses whilst I sleep with high quality deliverables received next day. Projects long neglected have been rejuvenated and productivity has increased. When problems have occurred there has been back up and resilience to help achieve the task. I look forward to extending my relationship of services from Brickworks into other high value areas including Web Design in the forthcoming months."

Mario Costa-Sa Director
Expertel Ltd.
Sara Waller Consulting
  • Simply the best communicator
  • Simply the best at thinking outside the box
  • Simply the best at resourcefulness
  • Simply the best at understanding a client brief
  • Simply the best at client deliverables
  • Simply the best at output measurable & results
  • Simply the best at reporting functionality
  • Simply the best at ad hoc tasks on-the-fly!
  • Simply the best at team building and mentoring other REAs on the brief
  • Simply the best at working all hours
  • Simply the best at being efficient and expedient
  • Simply the best at being honest and reliable
  • Simply the best in task execution
  • Simply the best at 'showing up' every day, in every way.
  • Simply the best at 'just getting it done'.

MY REA, is simply the best !

Sara Waller Managing Director
Sara Waller Consulting
Blaze Business Software Pty Ltd

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank my REA and the Brickwork team for an outstanding job on this project. I have been VERY happy with what you have achieved, and have no hesitation in using your services again. In fact, I have referred your company onto another college of mine here last week, so hopefully she will contact you with some work."

Devan Sabaratnam Managing Director
Blaze Business Software Pty Ltd.
The Wealth Creator Company

"Having read both ‘The World is Flat' and ‘The Four Hour Work Week' it was clear to me that there were choices available to me regarding assistants that I had not previously considered. One of these choices was Brickwork, a company located in Bangalore, India. Over the past twenty-five years, I have always gone the traditional route, having had one of more personal, full-time assistants. In 2008, this changed.

I hired Brickwork and could not possibly be more pleased. My assigned assistant was an absolute delight. Apart from being perfectly capable of handling my assignments, she was also always extremely polite and respectful. We communicated via Skype by voice or instant message and regular e-mail. Her questions were concise and to the point. My questions and projects were handled quickly and professionally. For me, the time difference was a great advantage. We spoke at the end of my business day. It was the beginning of hers. I slept, while my assistant worked. When I awoke the next morning, an e-mail was waiting in my in-box with the work that had been completed. Excellent!"

Neil Palache Founder and CEO
The Wealth Creator Company
Emergent Futures

"My REA has proved to be extremely valuable for our business. Her responsiveness, attention to detail and willingness to meet deadlines and assist us wherever she can have been exceptional. Using Brickwork also gives us access to people with other skills that my REA has utilized to carry out work for us, removing any requirement for us to manage multiple contacts."

Paul Higgins Core Consultant
Emergent Futures
Property Management Group

"Thank you very much for all of your hard work! The result is useful for me in my business and I will use it to continue to grow the company. Communication is excellent – you asked questions when you did not understand until you understood. Great availability - you were available every workday by email and Skype.Those of you that I interacted with are all polite and professional. Daily reporting is very important to efficient work – I appreciated that because I knew that the most time that coud possibly be spent going in a direction that I did not intend was one day. I would recommend your services to my friends."

A Real Estate/Property Management Group
Attorneys at Law

"We appreciate the REAs efforts.

She does well in trying to understand each assignment and notifying us of times when additional information is needed or if further instruction should be given - all while maintaining a friendly demeanor. During the last month, its evidenced by her work that she is continuing to learn our procedures and becoming better at using our systems. Our hope to continue to have her learn our procedures and systems to the point where she is able to recommend better ways to accomplish tasks and amend our procedures in areas that may be lacking.

Additionally, our REA did a good job on a recent project and we liked how she asked questions as to points we had failed to address. Sometimes we are not as clear as we need to be, but we like responding such questions as such questions show interest and initiative.

We continue to be excited to have her assisting us and to seeing what more she can offer us. Thanks."

Walt Dallas, Esq. J.D., LL.M. (taxation), T. Walton Dallas, P.A. Attorneys at Law

"My REA is an asset to anyone she works with." Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Dan Noyes President

"Brickwork has been working very well. Brickwork accounting team has taken instruction and completes all tasks in timely manners. Brickwork accounting team is also very friendly and has been great to work with. We are looking forward to a long lasting working relationship with Brickwork."

Shane C. Yarbrough, Director of operations
IT Works, Inc.

"Use of QuickBooks Understanding of US accounting and tax system Understanding of needs of small business accounting Reacting to requests for work."

Diane Downey, CEO
The Yard Fairy Inc.

"Brickwork accounting team is an excellent technician, and was patient with my inexperience on Skype and Outlook. The reconciliation is a huge load off my mind and we are looking forward to an ongoing relationship with him and Brickwork. The daily updates and work summary were very valuable. We have great confidence in Brickwork "

David Alcorn, Principal
Pacific Capital Advisors.

"Fantastic expertise. I needed work done in my book keeping (QuickBooks), and analyst proves to be more than I expectd! He was very professional, on the top of things, he actually, had me get my act together when I was forgetting to leave my machine online. I ran out of my credit hours and I already purchased another batch since I am convinced that I cannot find such a top service, and accounting expertise anywhere else. All this makes my life so much easier. I am actually thinking of sending more tasks. Thank you, Brickworks India!"

Gabriel Bucataru (Gabriel)
Gabriel Sound Garage.

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