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Cross off your to-do lists without lifting a finger. Our virtual assistants have supported thousands of businesses across the world and are your one-stop solution for all administrative help.

Business Support


Connecting with your audience is a full-time job, and we've got a complete spectrum of business research services to identify what your customer wants and doesn't know they need.

Define your brand or revitalize it with the story you want to tell. Brickwork's spectrum of marketing services analyze the numbers behind your social media campaigns, website content and ads to form a targeted and regularly tracked marketing plan that finds your customer and keeps them clicking.

Business Support


We understand that your website and mobile app are your most strategic investment in your business and marketing strategy. We develop compelling B2B and B2C websites and apps that allow visitors to navigate your site intuitively and find information with minimum clicks.

Business Support


Make design a part of your business strategy and not the last finishing touch. A credible brand can often be the difference between success and failure.


Alan Dowzall, Pace INC

"To provide you with some feedback with regard to your work for us over the past few months: the work from my standpoint has gone very well. The team’s ability to mould yourselves to our way of working to meet us at the point of our changing and developing business needs has been well received by me our team. We are looking forwards to continuing in the same way as we start to work together on projects for our customers, most notably Microsoft. I thank you for all the hard work and for the patience that you all have had at times in waiting for us to be ready with some of our deliverables. It’s been a great Q1. Keep it up."

Senator Frank Morse, Oregon State Legislature

"When asked to give a speech on "globalization" I remembered a reference to Brickwork in Thomas Friedman's book The World is Flat. I sent an email on a Sunday evening inquiring about assistance, received a response the next morning, and made arrangements for Brickwork to help me. The speech was warmly received by my audience and was a great example of just how small the world really is. My audience loved it when I explained that a firm in Bangalore, India helped me prepare a speech on globalization!"

Jerry R. Myers, Managing Director, Chimney Rock Capital Partners, LLC

"We have received outstanding service from Brickwork’s investment research team over a number of projects. Our clients always have tight deadlines and a high demand for quality and accuracy. Our Brickwork team lead takes care to ensure the requirements are met and we have never had any problems with the service provided. I highly recommend them to others considering this service."

Adam Mitchell, Owner, Mitchell Companies.

"I am very happy with the progress of this project and with the options you have provided. You have done a great job and my company will benefit greatly from this project and from working with you. I have very much enjoyed working with you and your company. I am very confident that there will be other projects that will arise in my businesses that could require your assistance"

Michael Held, President, Flex Marketing Group

"In this business, there is no shortage of companies trumpeting their expertise and promising that their services are capable of maximizing efficiency. But in practice, few are able to deliver on these promises. From the moment we began working with Brickwork, it became clear that we were working with seasoned pros. I'm not only impressed by the high level of service provided, but also by their focus and attention to detail."

Gabriel Bucataru (Gabriel), Gabriel Sound Garage.

"Fantastic expertise. I needed work done in my book keeping (QuickBooks), and analyst proves to be more than I expected! He was very professional, on the top of things; he actually, had me get my act together when I was forgetting to leave my machine online. I ran out of my credit hours and I already purchased another batch since I am convinced that I cannot find such a top service, and accounting expertise anywhere else. All this makes my life so much easier. I am actually thinking of sending more tasks. Thank you, Brickworks India!"

Video Testimonials

Many of our clients have been gracious enough to express their appreciation of our assistance in the form of feedback or testimonials.

Brickwork Edge

  • Established delivery systems and procedures
  • Stringent quality and client feedback process
  • Customised client solutions
  • Databases & Subscriptions
  • Qualified and trained talent pool
  • Data security & confidentiality

Data Security

Over the last few years we at Brickwork have worked extensively with large companies (including many Fortune 500 companies), small companies, individuals and professionals. We have implemented the stringent IT security policy with contractual safe guards and physical security

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