A Definite Plan to Boost Your Personal Productivity

What happens when you plan, but fail to execute? You experience anxiety and create a snowball of pending tasks which affect your overall personal productivity at home as well as at work!

So, how can you boost your performance and become productive? We have a sure shot plan to help you with this (it would help, if you follow the order):

  1. Rise before the Sun.
    It’s like driving a car on a road without traffic. You reach your destination sooner and feel energized more than ever before. Wake up before every one to avoid disturbances and plan your to-do list for the day while including the top three most important tasks that you have to complete for the day.
  2. Fuel up!
    Productivity can never be achieved in the mind, it has to be executed through actions and your performance is dependent on how you fuel up. Bring in a lifestyle change in your intentions and involve in a session of physical workout for at least 10 minutes a day to gear up for a star performance.

Now is the time for actual performance and here’s how you can make the most out of your day:

  1. It is not Prioritizing:
    You have already done that in the morning when you planned your day with the three most important tasks that you need to complete for the day. It’s time for you to start accomplishing them before everything else.
  2. Identify repetitive and non-core tasks and delegate them.
    Identify all the tasks which are repetitive and unimportant. Hire a Remote Executive Assistant and delegate all tasks to him/her. A remote executive assistant assistant is a life saviour and will help you with tasks, such as, email sorting, calendar management, graphic designing, reports/PPT alignment, jot down the minutes of the meeting for you when you are actually concentrating on the meeting, help with you cherry-pick holiday destinations with your preference and also plan the trip for you. With all this being taken care of, you are sure to make better decisions.
  3. Don’t multitask and know when to take a break.
    In an urge to complete more things sooner, we end up multitasking and then get stuck with more unfinished tasks. Once you have completed the 3 most important tasks of your day or in the process to do so, take a short break to stand up and breathe, step away from your workstation but wait, this is not the break for you to socialize yet. Remind yourself that you have stood up to sharpen your axe. You can do some eye exercises sitting at your desk, pick up your cup of Joe, and talk to your Remote Executive Assistant , assign the tasks for the day, and then get back to completing the job at hand.
  4. Celebrate, share feedback, and connect.
    You have now said ‘Hello’ to your finest productive day, because you have accomplished your most important tasks for the day and your Remote Executive Assistant is taking care of the rest.

Tick off the tasks accomplished on your to-do list. We highly recommend this as it gives a small sense of accomplishment at the end of the day when you review the day’s work. Share feedback with your virtual assistant to boost his/her performance in helping you better. Connect with colleagues and friends at the end of the day to spread the happiness that you have earned and you will be envied for the energy you have. This happiness is the “Ultimate Productivity Booster”!


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