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24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Get out of the clutter

Much as one aims to climb up the corporate ladder, many of us share the same dream of running a successful business. Needless to mention, success or failure would typically depend on the effort, perseverance, and the time that you put in to make things work for you.

The Clutter


This is the reality.  You will get into a clutter that you cannot get out as you struggle continuously being time-pressed and stressed out. Having a full time job or running your own business(es) is like being the Secretary, Accountant, Sales guy and the delivery guy all in one mind and body. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Will I ever have a vacation that I have craved for? Personal and Professional life balance is an ever debated topic. You are on your own when it comes to deriving a solution.

How to unclutter?


So is there a way out of this clutter? Ponder can be eliminated if we narrow down to reviewing the “Outsourcing” concept up close.  The objective of outsourcing may initially seem to be COST CUTTING. However, with a deep thought, one may realize that outsourcing means more than just cost-effectiveness.  For a start-up, hiring a different resource with different skills for each and every requirement is not an economically viable proposition.   But the availability of multiple skill sets under the same roof is an option which a startup or a small business would like to explore. The time and energy that an entrepreneur would have spent in hiring part-time or full-time personnel on his own can now be directed to accomplish more productive tasks.

And then, there is also the flexibility of hiring someone only for a project without having an obligation to keep him occupied continuously so as to justify his paycheck. Additionally, you remain guilt-free as you know that you do not have to handle the bitter part in case a resource fails to keep up to your expectations.

Someone does my work while I am snoring!  That’s a thought that you will relish. This is yet another reason why outsourcing is a success story. Outsource the non-core business activities and concentrate on your core business activities.

The work goes on… in my presence, in my absence.

How to choose?


Typically the choice should be a professionally managed company rather than a freelancer. The term “professionally managed” necessarily signifies an organization’s capability to cope up with emergencies.    A corporate entity is more likely to show stronger commitment compared to a freelancer throughout the project life-cycle.

Price should not always be the sole determinant of the choice of the vendor. Qualification, experience, delivery capability, language testing and references should also be considered as Primary Factors. There may be more criteria to add based on the industry that you hail from. For example, technical strength, if you are looking to outsource IT development work etc.

If you are sharing vital data, you need to judge the efficacy of the data security policy and measures adopted by a vendor.

Last but not the least; you need to identify the tasks that are appropriate for outsourcing. This is how you can ensure the economic viability of the project and the generation of desired outputs.

So now that you have the gist of the concept, don’t you think it is worth an attempt? Do your homework, analyze the players, and choose the one that fits your needs the best.