Birding in Madivala Lake – A Brickwork CSR Initiative

Our CEO, Sangeeta Kulkarni featured in the “Citizen Matters” magazine for her CSR activities (

Bangalore, one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the garden city of India has been the symbol of economic growth and prosperity. Rapid unplanned urbanization has taken its toll and Bangalore is struggling to keep up the reputation of being the city of lakes and green spaces. It has also impacted the bird population which used to frequent Bangalore’s aquatic destinations. The city was known for about 400 lakes and tanks, the numbers have dwindled to 64 due to demographic explosion and real estate growth.

Madivala Lake is one of the oldest water bodies of Bangalore, dating back to around 400 years. The lake is very large and has an artificial island in the center to attract migratory birds. The lake and the park is a pleasant outdoor venue for people who love birds and nature. More than 60 varieties of birds visit or live here and birders are often found waiting patiently to photograph some elusive and rare birds.

Unfortunately, most visitors are unaware of the lake’s bio-diversity and the birds that visit the lake. To generate awareness and interest, Sangeeta has installed a large board with photographs and information on the birds that visit here.

She supports the NGO B76, which is involved in activities to revive the Madivala Lake, one being the annual Madivala Lake festival which attracts hundreds of visitors and school children.  As a part of this “Save Madivala” campaign, B76 also conducts bird-spotting sessions on Sunday mornings by professional bird enthusiasts who are passionate about spreading the love for birds.

Through such initiatives, she hopes public awareness about the preservation of aqua spaces will increase and Bangalore can once again enjoy the tranquility of the lakes and the chattering of birds.

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