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How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation comes from within, but people often end up looking for it outside. Any positive vibe within you is a thread of motivation. Therefore being positive also a factor of success. Here’s how we can actually motivate ourselves. Be Positive. Handling all the ups and downs in your life will possible only through positivity. So, [...]

Knowing when to take help leads to success!

Mr. Samson works for an US-based MNC at C-Suite level. He attends a lot of meetings during the office hours and sometimes, he even has to travel overseas for business meetings. Besides these,  Mr. Samson also had numerous chunks of non-core and routine tasks like arranging his travel/hotel, keeping an eye on any critical conflicts [...]

A Definite Plan to Boost Your Personal Productivity

What happens when you plan, but fail to execute? You experience anxiety and create a snowball of pending tasks which affect your overall personal productivity at home as well as at work! So, how can you boost your performance and become productive? We have a sure shot plan to help you with this (it would [...]