Knowing when to take help leads to success!

Mr. Samson works for an US-based MNC at C-Suite level. He attends a lot of meetings during the office hours and sometimes, he even has to travel overseas for business meetings. Besides these,  Mr. Samson also had numerous chunks of non-core and routine tasks like arranging his travel/hotel, keeping an eye on any critical conflicts in his calendar, aligning his PPTs to make it look perfect while presenting them, scheduling appointments with various employees and vendors, data entries for his monthly reports, internet research etc. He always wished that he could escape the humdrums of work life. The fact was that he had a lot of ideas but no time to implement.

During an office party he met his peer Mr. Wagner who used to be equally busy as Mr. Samson with same kind of responsibilities and several non-core tasks. He was infamous as a snappy personality who panicked during the wee hours of his presentations due to lack of preparation time.

However, Mr. Wagner started looking relaxed and organised. He even started meeting people on floor and cracking a joke or two and spreading smiles with his colleagues. Being bad-tempered was far from his imagination these days. Additionally, he has also managed to bag the best employee of the year award!

Mr. Samson was surprised to see that Mr. Wagner was exactly performing the way he wanted to. Without wasting much time he scheduled a catch-up with Mr. Wagner to find out the secret of his pleasantly changed lifestyle.

Finally the day came when Mr. Samson had a catch-up with his peer Mr. Wagner over a cup of coffee. After a small greeting session Mr. Samson requested him to share the tips that helped him become a person whom people look up to these days.

To this, Mr. Wagner said that he has done nothing but hired an REA (Remote Executive Assistant).

On hearing this Mr. Samson was more curious to know what an REA is and how does it help him to be a changed person.

img-agshuMr. Wagner excitedly told him that REAs are multitaskers! They can adroitly balance several activities. “They have an insightful approach to keep you on top of everything. When you have meetings all day long, an REA will make sure to free up some time for you to grab your lunch!” he smiled.

He added, “They will take care of all your daily non-core tasks and let you be at ease to plan and implement your ideas in business. From streamlining your schedules to booking a restaurant table anything and everything that you think is do-able without your presence is within the scope of an REA. You can also find an REA specially trained on certain tools/projects depending on your needs. They save your time, free up resources, cut costs and manage time effectively. All you have to do is delegate your non-core work to someone and save a few hours in your hand to plan on your own productivity. Try hiring an REA and probably, next year you could be the Employee of the Year!”

With a smile Mr. Wagner shook hands with Mr. Samson and left.

Mr. Samson returned to his cubicle, opened his laptop and started typing in Google: “The Best Remote Executive Assistant Companies.”


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