The most popular Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Software – XMind

img1Our minds have extraordinary capacity and potential to think in thousands of directions and arrive at infinite possible solutions. Have you ever wondered how effective we could be as a professional if we were able to “map out” our ideas onto a readable form? A Mind Map is an effective way of doing just that.

Mind Maps are basically like trees where the main trunk is the main idea and the focus of our project. Then the branches are the secondary thoughts or ideas emerging from the main idea and the network continues to build this way. The market offers numerous mind mapping software that help us manage our ideas and projects in a more effective and productive way.

XMind is extremely flexible software which works on any desktop OS and helps capture, organize and translate ideas into reality. Individuals or small business enterprises that need to track their projects can use this tool to increase their productivity. The Brainstorming feature helps the user to put all the ideas onto the table, thrash them out and pick only the ones that are feasible and those which have the potential to be converted into reality. It also helps the user to analyze the possible roadblocks that he may encounter during project execution and to find solutions to tackle them.

img2The Mind Toolbox has a wide range of tools that help the user to narrow down the focus on a part of the Mind Map and study the effects or mark certain topics/ processes as priority. The Gantt chart combines with the Mind Map and helps the project stay right on schedule. Every project has certain key activities which have several other factors depending on them. These can be tracked using the Fish Bone chart and corrective measures can be adopted to accelerate project completion.

The highlight of this software is that the makers have opened the source of XMind, so now it is free to download and use. It also helps to customize your own Mind Mapping software based on XMind and store data onto the files.
Lifehacker has declared XMind to be the best Mind Mapping Tool after the majority of the users voted for it.
XMind has helped in putting all the factors pertaining to the marketing of a product on paper and to look out for all the possible bottlenecks preventing smooth transition from the warehouse to the customer. Moreover the Gantt chart has helped in keeping the various processes on schedule. The markers are a great way to highlight the specific processes as priority. This has helped the team members deal with the particular processes on priority and reduce the delay to a very great extent.

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