Why Multitasking is not Everyone’s Cup of Tea?

Most of the authors of time management articles suggest doing one thing at a time to ensure better time management. We second that advice. But we are also cognisant of another school of thought which promotes the art of multitasking.

So how do you choose between the two concepts?

Our answer is, as the ancient Greek aphorism goes, “know thyself” better!

Evaluate your personality genuinely while accommodating others’ evaluation of yourself and judge if you have what it takes to be an effective multitasker. Do you have the skills to multitask or are you wasting all your opportunities vainly?

Multitasking isn’t a practice-makes-perfect type of skill and hence, it is not advisable for everyone to attempt it unless he/she knows how.

Multitasking requires:

  • Focus
  • Organizing skills
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Good planning skills
  • Intentional collaboration and effective delegation skills

It would take you effort and coaching to build on skills mentioned above, but we can help you with intentional collaboration and effective delegation skills, which will significantly enhance your productivity and keep you sane.

We’re all capable of doing multiple things at the same time. We can read when we write or run and listen to music at the same time. However, actions, such as, talking and listening do not happen at the same time, eating and drinking do not happen together as well, delivering a project within the deadline and trying to fit in travel booking without missing a discount coupon offer is what we all want to be actualized, but fail to achieve in reality.

The secret to multitask is to couple tasks that complement each other.

Group all trivial tasks, such as,  planning a vacation, writing minutes of a meeting, managing your calendar, preparing presentations, and doing primary research on vendors and delegate them to Your Remote Executive Assistants.

Focus on core responsibilities instead of switching back and forth between tasks every few minutes or even every few seconds.  Who says you can’t multitask?


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