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Administrative Assistance for a Real-Estate Firm

Customer Background

Client is the CEO of property management group based in San Francisco, US. The company consistently delivers a higher standard of property management in the real estate sector. Each site receives unrivalled attention to detail, from warehouses to medical and retail centers, as well as a diverse range of residential homes across the income spectrum.

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Brickwork has been a valuable partner in optimizing my business and realizing efficiencies in both administrative and logistical processes. Their team has time and again proven themselves to be professional, respectful, and strategically adaptable to workflow needs. I highly recommend their services to elevate your operations to the next level
- Founder

Project Objective

Client contacted Brickwork in 2020, looking for support in property management business operations and phone support.

The objective of this project is to provide administrative infrastructure to customers with superior maintenance and facility management, offering quick answers to deal with issues they come up. And, free up client’s and his team’s time with the routine and backend activities to focus on enhancing his business operations. We have been collaborating with client’s team and assisting on the below activities:

  • Property listing, maintenance, and coordination activities
  • Work order management
  • Invoice processing
  • Reporting and Reconciliation
  • Rent management
  • Lead management
  • Phone support


  • Saved 160+ hours per month from mundane activities helped client to setup a new business strategy that encompasses the purchase of raw land, rezoning, construction, and rehabilitation of buildings for sale or lease
  • Vendor Directory: Organized the vendors directory to distribute the workload evenly among all the vendors. Standardized the process of identifying right vendors and conduct periodic follow-ups that aided the client and property manager resolve maintenance issues
  • Property Analysis: Enhanced the analysis report to provide detailed insights on leased properties, vacancy status, profit, expected revenue and future loss and so on.
  • Lead & Revenue Generation: Provided extended support during peak season to update the guest card entries on a quick TAT basis, this helped client to obtain fresh leasing leads to fill their vacant properties and revenue generation.

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