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Purchase Order Analysis for a Large Bicycle Manufacturer

Customer Background

The client was the Chief Supply officer for a large bicycle manufacturer in United States. The company is known for its high performing technologically advanced bicycles, components and cycling apparel. The client was responsible for the demand and supply chain planning in the company.

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The team assisted us in creating a performance review reports for the purchase team. The Brickwork team streamlined the dataset from a large database and helped in automating the process and we are extremely happy working with the team.

Project Objective

  • Generate purchase order MIS reports for various segments and geographies
  • Consolidate the reports and prepare Waterfall Analysis for each segment

Process Improvement

  • Standardised the process of collating required information from the data dump generated by the client’s MIS tool
  • Redesigned parameter-wise, performance measurement KPIs
  • Created project User Manual and process flow document to be followed, by the Brickwork and client teams
  • Assisted in creating an automated tool for report generation


Impact on Client

  • Gained easy visibility KPIs of each Purchase Managers in the company
  • Reduced the time required to generate the report from 50 hours a month to less than 1 hour through automation

Impact on Brickwork

  • POC 15 hours / month project scaled-up to 50 hours / month for 1 year
  • Automation project for the IT Team
  • Two referral projects completed

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