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Sales Prospect  management for a Fortune10 Oil & Gas Company

Customer Background

The client was associated with a European Fortune10 Oil & Gas company. They were looking for lead generation services to reach out to potential customers in North America and European countries.

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Brickwork India has done a great job of providing contact information for lead lists for our team. They are responsive and quick to provide the information we request. It has been thorough and accurate which has helped our sales teams in contacting prospects more effectively. I appreciate the work they’ve done for us and will continue to use them in the future.                          - Sector Marketing Manager 

Project Objective

  • Identify leads for the sales team from North America and Europe
  • Find contact information for every individual
  • Validate each contact information.

Process Improvement

  • Standardised the process of identifying and updating the contact information in the prescribed format shared by the client
  • Created project SOP document to be followed by the Brickwork and client teams


Impact on Client

Conducted research on more than 3,000 MNCs and had provided information on around 45,000 verified leads.

Impact on Brickwork

  • 20-hour POC project started, converted into an ongoing project
  • Generating around 750 hours of work every year
  • Additional five projects from other departments in the same company

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