How to Motivate Yourself

Motivation comes from within, but people often end up looking for it outside. Any positive vibe within you is a thread of motivation. Therefore being positive also a factor of success. Here’s how we can actually motivate ourselves. Be Positive. Handling all the ups and downs in your life will possible only through positivity. So, [...]

Knowing when to take help leads to success!

Mr. Samson works for an US-based MNC at C-Suite level. He attends a lot of meetings during the office hours and sometimes, he even has to travel overseas for business meetings. Besides these,  Mr. Samson also had numerous chunks of non-core and routine tasks like arranging his travel/hotel, keeping an eye on any critical conflicts [...]

Experience working with Dynamic Assistant

Are you planning to start your own business? Are you looking forward to expanding your existing business? Are you spending a lot of time on administrative pile? Are you worried about your core activities — reaching the goal and being productive? Are you under stress to dedicate quality time to your family?   Here is [...]

A Definite Plan to Boost Your Personal Productivity

What happens when you plan, but fail to execute? You experience anxiety and create a snowball of pending tasks which affect your overall personal productivity at home as well as at work! So, how can you boost your performance and become productive? We have a sure shot plan to help you with this (it would [...]

Why Multitasking is not Everyone’s Cup of Tea?

Most of the authors of time management articles suggest doing one thing at a time to ensure better time management. We second that advice. But we are also cognisant of another school of thought which promotes the art of multitasking. So how do you choose between the two concepts? Our answer is, as the ancient [...]

Demonetization: Are we ready to move to a ‘Cash-less’ economy?

The recent demonetization of high valued currency notes by the Indian government has created interest in both national as well as international circles with debates ranging from intent to its long-term effects on the economy. While this move will certainly assist in temporarily weeding out some proportion of black money and slow down funding of [...]

Birding in Madivala Lake – A Brickwork CSR Initiative

Our CEO, Sangeeta Kulkarni featured in the “Citizen Matters” magazine for her CSR activities ( Bangalore, one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the garden city of India has been the symbol of economic growth and prosperity. Rapid unplanned urbanization has taken its toll and Bangalore is struggling to keep up the [...]


The word identity in a dictionary is declared as a noun with a meaning – “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is”. True in every sense, in today’s world where everything is online your identity of who you are and what you do is perceived and understood by others through [...]

Smartphone Commoditisation

Commoditization drives Smartphone Growth in Emerging Markets  Overview The smartphone industry has reached a state of commoditization. When an industry becomes commoditized, products are hard to differentiate. Brands stop being the major driving force in consumer decision and low price becomes paramount. Due to this, differentiation has become a challenge for manufacturers. Laptops and desktops [...]

Organic Food vs. Conventional Food – Is it really worth the extra money?

It is clear from various studies that organic food does not provide additional nutritional benefits when compared to conventional food. However, affluent sections from developed economies, such as Europe and North America, might be willing to shell out extra bucks to go organic. This could be due to the feel good effect that emerges from [...]